Missouri Democrats have to "Force Down Vomit" for Claire McCaskill

McCaskill's campaign is going off the rails, and even elected Democrats in Missouri don't like her

Somebody forgot to send the "blue wave" memo to Missouri, because incumbent Senator and Democrat Claire McCaskill is on the fast track for an embarrassing defeat. Over the summer McCaskill was polling beyond the margin for error, but the past few polls have all shown Hawley in the lead and trending upward. To add insult to injury, Democrats are upset about McCaskill's latest ad. One elected Democrat went so far as to compare voting to McCaskill to "forcing down vomit"

When McCaskill began sliding in the polls, she released a new ad painting herself as a moderate willing to work with President Trump. In the ad, a voter tells the camera that McCaskill is not one of those "crazy" Democrats. The ad set off a firestorm in Missouri, as Democrats demanded she explain what exactly constitutes a "crazy" Democrat.

McCaskill's troubles aren't just with a few liberal twitter warriors, even elected Democrats in Missouri are concerned, and they had some pretty strong words for the senator. One state rep accused her of "dehumanizing" Democrats.

"...the immediate question is who are you talking about, and then what are you doing to that person in trying to get this voter in this way or manner...It almost dehumanizes or devalues the person’s worth or contribution to the community." - Rep Courtney Curtis

McCaskill won't find any of the liberal "coexist" love in Missouri's upper chamber, either.

“It’s like people hate her, but they hate her and are going to vote for her. But why do you have to vote for somebody who you hate? It just doesn’t make any sense...We shouldn’t have to force down vomit to vote for someone.” - Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal

Taking this much heat from her own party is not a good thing for McCaskill. Keep in mind this is a state that Trump won, and McCaskill was saved in 2012 by Todd Akin's rape fiasco. She will need strong Democratic support, and some crossover votes from right leaning independents. This ad, and the ensuing firestorm, suggest that's not feasible.

It appears Josh Hawley may be primed to win this seat from Democrats. Combine that with with the news that the New Jersey Senate race, a deeply blue state, may be a toss-up, and that blue wave may take a serious hit in the Senate. This could be a very interesting, and very bizarre election.