Mississippi Gov. Bryant signs bill banning abortion after 15 weeks

Gov. Bryant and those that passed this bill should be commended for speaking out for those who cannot speak.

Over the past few weeks, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has been in the news about an upcoming vacant U.S. Senate seat that he will appoint with the retirement of long-time public servant Thad Cochran. On Tuesday, he made more headlines when he signed into law a new state bill called the Gestational Age Act, which bans abortion in Mississippi after 15 weeks.

This bill, which only gives exceptions for medical emergency or a severe fetal abnormality, passed the Mississippi State Legislature earlier this month. The state of Mississippi has long battled issues within its borders, but its citizens should be proud how its legislators and Governor Bryant have stood for life over the past five years. It was Mississippi who implemented stricter requirements for abortion facilities back in 2012. Despite a federal district court blocking this law a year later, Mississippi has not wavered.

"I am committed to making Mississippi the safest place in America for an unborn child, and this bill will help us achieve that goal. We are saving more of the unborn than any state in America, and what better thing we could do," said Bryant. "We'll probably be sued here in about a half hour, and that'll be fine with me. It is worth fighting over."

Bryant's right, life is worth fighting for. In fact, I would argue it is the most fundamental right one could fight for. Without life, you can not have liberty or the pursuit of happiness. I reminded of what native Mississippian and the President of the Southern Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Russell Moore has said, “I’m reminded that we have to say things to one another that human beings shouldn’t have to say. Mothers shouldn’t kill their children. Fathers shouldn’t abandon their babies. No human life is worthless, regardless of skin color, age, disability, economic status. The very fact that these things must be proclaimed is a reminder of the horrors of this present darkness. Human life bears inherent dignity because human life reflects the life of God himself.”

Governor Bryant and the entire Mississippi State legislature that passed this bill should be commended for speaking out for those who cannot speak. May we continue to pray that more states do the same.

Now if we can get it down to like five weeks then we can finally force women to birth all the offspring of rape and incest!!

Respectfully, do you know what percentage of abortions are done for victims of rape and incest? I used to feel and think the same way- until I had children- until I lost at child at 8 weeks. Yes, it is a child. Not a fetus, not a cluster of unfeeling cells. I lost a child with a heart and a spinal cord and internal organ buds, a child that feels pain. A heart beats at 21 days if the baby is healthy and living. Rape and incest are disgusting, horrible actions and a depraved and broken world. However, life is either sacred or it’s not -that is the issue. A heartbeat is a sign of life that beats at 21 days.

So, Magared:An act of unspeakable violence was committed against a woman we should commit another terrible act of violence against her and the poor innocent, defenseless unborn child in her womb? Really?Is that going to solve the problem or make it worse? You should peruse the internet and look up stories from people who were conceived through rape/incest. There isn't a one of them who wishes he or she wasn't born.

Magared, are you not aware only 1 percent of the abortions performed each year are because of rape and incest. Would you support a law banning ALL abortions that do not arise because of rape or incest?