Minister of Propaganda

Piers Morgan has some banana republic views of the role of a free press.

It's been said that Americans have a weakness for English accents, which goes a long way toward explaining Piers…

Still, since returning to the U.K. Morgan has expressed a few contrarian opinions that set him apart from your standard-issue, knee-jerk leftist. I admit that I found his confession about rejecting Omarosa Manigault's sexual advances during their time on Celebrity Apprentice to be somewhat endearing, and he's been remarkably sensible about media obsession over the stuff and nonsense that is the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Yesterday, however, Morgan issued a tweet about the school shooting in Florida that makes me think he'd feel perfectly at home in Kim Yo Jong's North Korean propaganda shop, for such is his misunderstanding of how the press in free societies is supposed to work: