Millennials Blame Baby Boomers For Ruining Their Lives

Yeah, they're a bunch of whiny snowflakes. But this time, maybe the kids have a good point.

According to a new Axios/Survey Monkey poll, 51% of Millennials say that the Baby Boomers have made their lives worse.

Really, this isn't surprising. Kids have been blaming parents for ruining their lives since Cain shouted to Adam "You always loved Abel more than me!" What IS surprising is that 30% of the Boomers surveyed agreed.

As a member of Generation X (42% of us side with the Millennials) I can attest that following the Baby Boomers sucked. It was like showing up at school on a Monday and listen to everyone talk about the awesome party on Saturday that you missed, but since the partygoers trashed the place and the police were called, the city council has put the kibosh on any more parties ever again. Our generation was totally overshadowed by the Boomers. They sucked all the energy out of the room. Entertainment was geared towards them. News was geared towards them. And unlike the Greatest Generation that spent the last 60 years complaining about walking to school in the snow (uphill, both ways) the Boomers were always bragging about how much better things were when THEY were young.

Yeah, well maybe that's because YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!

The Axios survey is short on specifics, (https://www.axios.com/an-emerging-conflict-between-millennials-an-1518030591-05825402-87a5-4ddf-86a3-8a39d38a6815.html) but I can think of a lot of reasons to blame the Boomers for the mess we're in now.

THEY RUINED SEX. The 60's were the era of "free love." But the bill came due on our generation. First, came the horror of legalized abortion. Then, along came an STD that never went away. Then came AIDS. So, sex can literally kill us now.

THEY RUINED DRUGS. Marijuana used to be fun. Or so the Boomers tell us. Now, the THC level is much higher than it was in the 60's. We've been through a heroin epidemic, a cocaine epidemic, a crack epidemic, and now heroin is back again and people are dying in droves.

THEY BROKE OUR FAMILIES. I was a kid in the 70's when the great divorce wave hit. I lost my best friend when her parents divorced and she had to move away. Our moms decided to/had to go back to work. We were left to fend for ourselves. And trust me, blended families aren't all as much fun as The Brady Bunch. If you think sibling rivalry is bad, you haven't seen HALF sibling rivalry. We were moved away from our extended families. The ensuing generations had fewer kids, making the problem worse.

THEY TRASHED EDUCATION. I remember my high school AP teacher explaining to me that we didn't get extra credit because somebody had sued. Which is the same reason prayer got taken out of the schools. I didn't have recess, I took "Physical Education" which taught me to hate exercise. I didn't take history, I took "Social Studies," which taught me to hate America. I never had to take Geography. I didn't find out how WWII ended until college. All that hippy-dippy liberal nonsense took over the schools when the Boomers took over education. And now we're all stupid.

THEY CREATED THE MILLENNIALS. There's a great line from the old Carol Burnett show when they were spoofing the movie "Mildred Pierce." Vicki Lawrence says to her "mom" Carol, "I didn't spoil me rotten, YOU spoiled me rotten!" That's how we got the snowflakes. You think these kids are bunch of entitled brats that expect the world to cater to their every whim? Well, they didn't hand themselves all of those participation trophies. They didn't inflate their own grades. They weren't responsible for their own discipline or lack thereof. You can blame their parents for that.

THEY'RE GOING TO WRECK SOCIAL SECURITY. I don't know a person under the age of 40 who believes for one moment that they will ever see a dime from Social Security. But we're sure as heck still having to pay INTO it. And yet, not a day goes by that I don't see a post on social media from some aging hippy demanding that it's THEIR MONEY and it's NOT AN ENTITLEMENT. They paid into the system and boy howdy are they going to make sure they get paid back. Why should they care what happens to their kids? I've read that the average Boomer couple retiring today can expect to collect a million dollars in Social Security and Medicare benefits over a lifetime. We don't have that kind of money. Maybe all the kids they didn't have could have paid for it. So, when the time comes to start lining the Boomers up on ice floes and pushing them out to sea, don't act all shocked. We already got a head start when they passed Obamacare.

THEY WON'T GO AWAY. Bill Clinton was the first Boomer president. After George W and Obama, it looked like it would be time for the next generation. But NOOOOO. We had to see a battle between the aged Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They're gonna have to carry Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi out on stretchers. And who's the front runner to be the next Democratic nominee? Joe Biden! Same thing in the private sector.

All joking aside, the Millennials have some legitimate complaints with the Boomers. The bigger problem is that this dynamic is setting us up for a generational war in which there will be no winners.

How do we Busters, the younger sibs of the Boomers, fit into all this?

As enablers I guess if we're following the analogy.

As a person born at the end of the boomer generation, I can tell you that NONE of the things mentioned up their apply to me! I was a child in the 60's and didn't hit puberty until the 70's where all the leftist indoctrination started creeping in!!! I remember still praying in school and calling it Christmas and Easter vacations when school was let out. My parents remained married for 62 years before they both passed away and I was never spoiled. My parents taught us to work and we had chores to do to earn any money we received. My Mom stayed home and raised us kids while my Dad went to work at least until I went off to college since I was the oldest. My parents believed that giving us the opportunity for a better education (ie college) was one of the most important things they saved for. We went to church each Sunday and my parents raised me and my siblings to respect authority and to treat everyone with respect just as God expects us too! So NOT EVERY PERSON BORN INTO THE BOOMER GENERATION WAS PART OF THE DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY!!!! It was lefist spoiled brats and kids who's parents either didn't give a flip or believed all the leftist lies floating around. There were a lot of us hardworking, conservative youngsters who still remain conservative and HATE what our country has become!

Cbkitys: you wrote exactly what I was thinking as I read. And I grew up with cousins, whose parents raised them exactly the same way. We are still conservative and talk alot about what our country has become. We would like to be in charge of the country for a week or two....we'd straighten it out. ;o)

I guess I'm at the tail end of being a boomer (born in the early 60's). I can sympathize millennials in a few ways. For example, I put myself through UC Irvine working as a busboy. I was able to pay my tuition and my share of rent without assistance. I don't think that's possible today. I was fortunate and paid $275 for a whole year's tuition. Now I think it's a bit over $20k a year. Not only is it more expensive, I don't think I could get admitted based on how competitive it is now. I'm in a field where I work with lots of interns and so many of them are six figures in debt and the hopes of buying home seems unrealistic. I'm not sure they're a spoiled generation. With few exceptions, I see hard working kids who are just afraid that they don't have a future like previous generations were able to achieve....

Well I am of the generation that walked to school in the snow and uphill both ways. But the paragraph on THEY TRASH EDUCATION was started and it has never ended. IF, and I mean IF, we could get that part turned around and get some people thinking about the worth of each and every one of us, that would help a great deal. When I traveled the world back in the 50's to the mid 70's, I saw countries where people did not respect the lives of the others and I found that hard to believe that they could live that way. Well here we are in the US with that way of live progressing toward that kind of thinking. And it is here in many of the large cities. Pray for America.

I agree with everything except Social Security. SS was destroyed at its moment of creation, when the Supreme Court ruled that the government could spend the extra income any way they wanted. And there is NO GUARANTEE of payment in the law. When Sen. Moynihan proposed returning most of the SS surplus to the people, the Greatest Generation couldn't toss him into the Potomac fast enough. He was the last Democrat worth admiring.

I think one problem is the extension of the Boomer time range. It started out referring to the baby boom that happened when soldiers returned from WW Two and started families. It started out as a commentary on the fact that so many children were born as young couples celebrated life and peace by having children. So that definition would eliminate anyone born after about 1950-55. My perception was always that it was the next generation after this that was vulnerable to the freedoms promised by the 60s that led to the permissive parenting that has created the messed-up generations we see today. One cousin graduated from high school in 1966 and was pretty well formed in her beliefs and character by the time the 60s hit, and saw them as merely entertaining, while her sister, three years younger, took the messages of the 60s counterculture as a template for life and reality. One is a conservative, one a mindless Liberal. I've never really understood how or why things got so off-track after the mid-60s, at least not without factoring in the all-out attack on the fabric of American life mounted by the International Left. As a student of history familiar with the tactics and agendas of the Left, I can see its incursions into American society starting in the mid-60s, corrupting youth with drugs and messages of absolute freedom and unending happiness coupled with resentment of order and authority, twin messages that are still motivating young people today. Once the graduating classes of the late 60s got into colleges dominated by Leftist professors and the artificial culture created as a backlash against conformity and discipline, it was all over. These are the ones who moved from doting but disciplined parenthood

Born in '55, I was a child of the HOT real cars of the 50's 60's & 70's (well, early 70's...). We had good education with STRONG discipline (spent quite a bit of MY time in detention, principal's office!), we were expected to be home by the time street lights were on, we had the run of town (SMALL town...), but all the neighbors kept an eye on us, so... When something happened at school, I KNEW that Mom would know about it before I got home. I WALKED a mile to & from school, in just about any weather... Especially during hunting seasons, it was nothing to see shotguns in the back windows or back seats of our trucks & cars. Just about any of us boys had a pocket knife on us at all times... If we had a beef with another student (boy that is...) we met at the outside of the school's fence at the end of school, beat the daylights out of each other (mano a mano, NOT 5 - 1), then the next day, proudly displayed our shiners & bruises, bragged about it, then became good friend or at least stopped squabbling...

We DID fall way short in protecting Education from liberal regressivism and protecting our Christian faith (churches & society) because it "wasn't polite" to think that someone wasn't Christian or it wasn't anyone's business....

Also, if older generations would stop beginning discourse with younger generations with insults, younger generations would probably be more willing to listen. I cringe every time I see conservatives begin this kind of conversation with mocking lines about how stupid younger people are for following hacks like Bernie Sanders, but no one seems to understand Sanders rang so true with Millenials because he didn't take down to us. Obama was the same way. If you want your ideas to continue when you die, you'd better figure that out.

I'm sorry but Sanders and Obama and every Leftest I listen to seems to talk down to everyone! They treat everyone as if they are incompetent little victims. Why would anyone listen to such patronizing people?

Both grade inflation and non rigorous "feel good" courses began in colleges during the Vietnam War as a way to allow mediocre boomer age students to keep their draft deferments. Those trends then spread downward into secondary and elementary education.

As opposed to someone who bold face lies to you on a daily basis? I would take Obama's smug superiority over Trump's delusion and pathological lying anyday.

The rise of divorce actually began among the so-called greatest generation in the 1960s, about the time their children were in high school. It may trace to two factors. One is that there were a lot of ill considered marriages made during WWII. The second is as the greatest generation's own parents retired, it truly sunk in that with Social Security and Medicare they would not be providing significant financial support to their parents. Thus there was less need to be nice to one''s own children in order to assure a financially secure old age. The parent's divorce helped sour some Boomers on marriage.

Trump is an idiot so what