Millennials: All Grown Up With Nowhere to Go

A lot of us have probably taken a look at the antics of the Millennials, rolled our eyes and sighed, “Why can’t you just grow up already?”

As a certified Gen-Xer with an old pair of Sergio Valente jeans knocking around in the back of the closet to prove it, I can admit to a certain amount of this myself. After all, we were the ones who spent our childhoods drinking from garden hoses, riding our bikes, and disappearing for the whole day with our friends while our parents nary batted an eye. Generation Snowflake, meanwhile, can’t go more than five minutes without a smartphone fix and don’t even know how to communicate with another human being without texting. They have very strong opinions about everything, even though they don’t seem to know much about anything, and their constant need for validation renders them incapable of hearing an opposing view without being reduced to a quivering mess of emotional jelly. We pulled triggers on our BB guns, while they get triggered by words they don’t like. How are people like that supposed to deal with the big bad world when they can’t even deal with the perceived slight of a microaggression?