Midterms Are Over! On To 2020 And the Democrat Field Is Lit!

Not really. You won't believe who the frontrunner is.

Hill TV has started testing the enthusiasm for individual Democrats as the party looks toward 2020. Most likely this is a better test of name recognition, but one result really stands out.

The survey tested preference for Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren. And the winner is........


Beating even Uncle Joe Biden, None of the Above came in at 30%. This is a full 5% ahead of Biden.

The top three after None of the Above were Biden, Sanders and Clinton. Sanders is attractive to the highest percentage of 18-39 year olds. At 33% of that age group, he is beating None of the Above with younger voters.

Biden is actually the most popular candidate among woman, receiving more than double the votes Clinton did. Men actually went all in for None of the Above.

Harris, Booker, Warren and Bloomberg are all in single digits. Despite the interest in the Kavanaugh hearings, in which Booker and Harris played Spartacus and The #Resistance, their name recognition isn't really moving.

It is easy to see policy-wise how Harris' socialist tendencies, gender and relative youth could replace enthusiasm for Sanders, but it is not happening yet. You would think Bloomberg would be a little more well known having been Mayor of New York City and receiving some degree of national press, but it does not seem so here.

Once a progressive darling with a movement to encourage her to run in 2016, Warren's poor score is a little more surprising. There are some indications respondents think her DNA debacle was rather off-putting. A Morning Consult poll found that just 34 percent of Democrat respondents were fans of her PR stunt.

But None of the Above holds the most allure for Democrat and Independent voters. Who might that be?

The heartthrob Robert Francis O'Rourke with absolutely zero state wide governing experience and a couple years as a member of the House? Andrew Gillum who ran Tallahassee into the ground but is really good looking? Oh, and only as long as he stays out of jail. A Castro twin or two? Anti-Israel, open borders advocate Kirsten Gilibrand?

At this rate the Democratic primary could be the clown car the 2016 Republican primary was. And despite their lockstep solidarity in Congress and in the media, these Democrats are going to have to run against each other. Warren pointing out O'Rourke's DUI lies. Gillibrand calling Harris out on her affair with Willie Brown. Booker going after Gillum for corruption. This necessary mud slinging will be must see T.V.

Or, is someone about to burst on the scene that we haven't even contemplated yet? Stay tuned. This could get wildly entertaining.

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Joe Biden for President. WHAT?