Melania's 'I REALLY DON'T CARE' Jacket Was a Message to the Oblivious Media

The media totally missed the point here, because the point was them.

Melania Trump wore a jacket inscribed with "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" on purpose. She knew what she was doing. She knew they'd see it. She knew it would be noticed. She really didn't care. The media, baptized each day in self-love, inflated egos and oblivious self-unawareness, couldn't figure out that the message was for them.

CNN hit the closest but still missed.

The Daily Mail first reported the jacket, which was spotted by the press traveling with the first lady but impossible to read without a long-range camera lens.

If the First Lady wore this jacket to make some statement about kids at the border, why would she wear the jacket in a place that only people with long-range camera lenses would spot it? The message was obviously for the press, and about the press.

FLOTUS' Director of Communication tweeted "#ItsJustAJacket" but it's not, if you're in the media.

The message was for the press. It took President Trump's bluntness to make that case.

"Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!" the president tweeted, and that's more likely true than all the ridiculous hot takes we're seeing from the media. Even that remark played as an "a ha!" moment by the one-note media: "Trump admits Melania wore "I really don't care" jacket on purpose after he spokeswoman claimed she didn't."

But Stephanie Grisham didn't claim Melania didn't wear the jacket in purpose. She claimed that the media is focusing on FLOTUS' wardrobe, which is true.

Melania Trump's jacket was a big middle finger to a media that's treated her like trash. They've used her to smear her husband, her child, and they've done a terrible injustice to actual feminism (as opposed to social justice "feminism" that does nothing for actual women). All the women in Trump's orbit--powerful women with enormous responsibility--are treated by the media with open contempt.

Melania's jacket speaks for them.

The message was for the media, and they're too self-absorbed to get it.

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Gotta get me one a them crystal balls, so I too can see into the hearts and minds of people I have never met to tell what they think and how they feel without them saying or doing anything to give normal folks a clue. Pretty handy........


The company ZARA is known for its antisemitic clothing. This is not the first time they have been in trouble either, for making clothing that seems to want to promote fascism. The expression "I don't really care" was the slogan of Italian fascists. I was "Me ne Frego" and after Mussolini came to power it became the slogan of the black shirts. I suspect Zara knew what it was doing when it printed that on the jacket. I am willing to give Melania the benefit of the doubt...however, she is from Slovenia and that slogan had much play in the WWII era.

It was, at the very least, bad form...and at its worst it could be very, very bad.


One last thing. Per her request, most of this First Lady's comings and goings are shrouded in secrecy. She's in the hospital and has had an operation? Shocker! She's already on AF-1 when her husband is walking across the tarmac and boarding alone? Who would've guessed? Not going to chi-chi Davos? Escandalo!

For the most part, I like her rebelliousness. Underneath that Sphinx-like face she presents to the world, I believe there's a bubbling stew of rage and insecurities that can pop in public at unexpected moments. Like her ferocious social media clap back at Ivana Trump's sly joke, "I was first wife so I am First Lady."

This time, her boarding and getting off the plane were events thrown open to the media. Also her getting in and out of cars. Also her strutting that catwalk or promenade or whatever that strip of sidewalk people are always filmed strolling parallel to the White House. All in that angsty-teen messaged o.d. green jacket.


If she did it to gig the media, it was stupid to do it on a trip to the border. She might as well have said "let them eat cake". Really bad optics...which reflects badly on her and the White House. Dumb, dumb move. And how about not speaking in codes? Why doesn't she straight up say what she has to say if she wants to say it.