Media: It Just Looks Silly When You Overdramatize Natural Disasters

The storm is bad enough even if it's not the worst ever, so why make bad television out of it?

Edit: The picture of Anderson Cooper above was determined be from Hurricane Ike in 2008, not Florence. I and many others believed a viral tweet that it was from this storm. This, to me, enhances the case that overdramatizing storm coverage damages our ability to discern real from staged news. Sure, the shot with Cooper was staged but it was to make a legitimate point.

I have never heard Erick Erickson laugh so hard as at this video of a professional weather reporter in then-Hurricane Florence, struggling against the wind, straining as if he's about to be blown off his feet, upstaged by two teenagers casually walking through the shot.

It's silly. It's also not the only evidence of this kind of overdramatization.

Another angle.

Staging overdramatic shots for effect, when the storm isn't delivering the carnage built up by the media, is stupid. It's worse than stupid. It's playing right into the "fake news" wheelhouse.

If the media can't even deliver the weather without making some effort to distort the news to make it juicier, then how can Americans trust anything they report about the White House, politics, foreign affairs, or other important issues of the day?

Everything has become a semi-scripted bad reality show these days.

Even the weather.

The storm is bad enough, even as a Tropical Storm, or a big rainy windy Tropical Depression, dumping oceans of water on the Carolinas' coast. People are suffering. Thirteen people have died. More than 700,000 are without power, and with the storm having been effectively parked over the coastal region for three days, it's going to be a while until crews can start restoring things to normalcy.

Isn't that enough to report without making reporters stand waist-deep when everyone else is standing in maybe a foot of water?

Media people: stop it. It's silly, and nobody is buying it.

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StiIl Jules
StiIl Jules

Why are you using an Anderson Cooper photo that isn't from Maria? It was from over a decade ago and he was trying to show how you couldn't see where the road and where the ditches ended/started. Erick debunked this already. Are you that desperate for "points" that you'll just make stuff up? Find a new photo

Robert Moore
Robert Moore

Saturday Night Live, the Daily Show, and many others like those have made fun of this stuff for years.

Now the right-wing punditry class is joining in, because Trump.