Media Bias Erodes Trust in our Elections

2018 isn't much different from 2000, except the media is eroding trust in our elections far more than Russia has done.

When Kelly Ayotte lost her 2016 bid to keep her N.H. Senate seat, it was by 1017 votes. In a $100+ million race, the margin was vanishingly small, and Ayotte was within her rights to demand a full recount. Instead, she conceded.

New Hampshire's peculiar honor code doesn't look kindly upon claims of stolen elections. A year later, however, up to 5313 illegal votes from non-residents who may have voted in other states (primarily Democrat-dominated Massachusetts), showed that Ayotte very well could have prevailed had she pursued the 2018 Florida or Georgia route.

In 2016, the media was quick to call the race for Hassan, comparatively. But the AP still hasn't called the Georgia governor's race, despite the fact that Brian Kemp has a recount-proof, runoff-proof margin of victory that cannot be overcome by the remaining uncounted votes registered with the Georgia secretary of state's office.

But that doesn't stop Democrats from claiming there are thousands of "surprise" uncounted ballots in Stacey Abrams favor. All along, Democrats have built the false narrative of GOP, and Kemp's, "voter suppression" efforts. Nothing of the kind has really happened, and the Georgia media knows it. (See here, here, here, here and here.)

All along, the national media has been complicit, and in fact superintending, in Democratic efforts to subvert the election and to keep open legal options to overturn what should be a settled result.

In Florida, Andrew Gillum retracted his concession (at least Stacey Abrams has not yet taken that step, though she remains "open" to all options) because of Florida's mandatory automatic recount law. A "machine recount" is now underway, though Palm Beach County has admitted "it's impossible" for them to finish before the Thursday deadline.

> Sarah Revell, the communications director for the Florida Department of State, told CNN's Ana Cabrera that if a county does not submit its results by deadline, "then the results on file at that time take their place," she said.

> Revell added that Florida law does not give the secretary of state the authority to grant extensions.

This is a terrible situation that will leave the entire race in doubt and subject to an unending stream of lawsuits. Granted, it's bad law on the books if a deadline that cannot be met has no remedy outside the courts. But Florida has never been a paragon of election efficiency or certainty.

The media is contributing the Florida's uncertainty by hyping the possibility of the governor's race and the Senate race, both respectively led by small margins by Republicans Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott, being overturned. They have been partisans on these races for months. (Here, here, here, and here.)

The Washington Post has been particularly friendly to Democrat incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, acting as his mouthpiece in the post-election recount mess, marked by defiant left-leaning election officials in Broward County ignoring state laws and court orders.

> “If Rick Scott wanted to make sure every legal ballot is counted, he would not be suing to try and stop voters from having their legal ballot counted as intended,” the senator said in a statement. “He’s doing this for the same reason he’s been making false and panicked claims about voter fraud — he’s worried that when all the votes are counted he’ll lose this election.

Nelson was talking about illegal immigrant and non-citizen ballots here, by the way. So "all the votes" means votes from people who shouldn't be counted in the first place, n'est ce pas? But that doesn't stop Democrats either, and neither does it stop their media sidekicks.

In fact, the media is so invested in the narrative that Donald Trump and the Russians stole the 2016 election that they feel justified in giving Democrats a pass in actually trying to steal elections in 2018. The "blue wave" wasn't blue enough or wavy enough for liberals in the press, so they are just fine encouraging every close election to become "controversial."

Consider this:

In 2000, just 930 votes decided the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Palm Beach County missed their November 26 deadline in a machine recount, with Bush ahead by 537 votes. The U.S. Supreme Court, on December 9, suspended a hand recount ​of all "undervotes" (meaning ballots where no candidate received a vote) in four counties.

On December 13, Gore conceded to Bush.

Nothing in 2018 is much different than in 2000. It's sad that Florida hasn't progressed in 18 years, and that babies born during the 2000 election cycle are actually voting this year.

But the media has made a commitment to promote Democrats in a blue wave against Trump, and they will not allow history to get in their way. The media is eroding trust in our elections, and they are doing a far more effective job at it than the Russians have ever done.

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The mainstream media is the public relations / promotional arm of the far left Progressive movement, but they are aided and abetted by the Internet media shapers and throttlers that dictate their message to those who don't want it as well. In short, there is no option of turning them off, when nearly 100% of your Internet usage necessarily includes their rot in your news feed, while suppressing those of non-progressive feeds. Pretty soon, social media will not only prevent the ability to access and support conservative media and funding sources, but will prevent you from using social media unless you run the checklist AGREEING with progressive talking points.


Media bias in both partisan directions, you mean. That "CARAVAN INVASION!!!!!" nonsense that Fox News hysterically pushed to no avail ought to be fresh in your memory.


I notice you didn't mention Arizona in here - you don't suppose it is possible that the tweeting of politicians calling elections untrustworthy, stolen or fraudulent just because they fear they are about to lose it doesn't do a bit more to erode trust in our elections than the biased media does? I mean you are part of the biased media, and I'm sure you realize that any insinuations you might make don't erode more trust than when they are made by the NRSC, or do you think that if Scott manages to lose in the end his voter's trust in the outcome would be more eroded by the media than his own accusations?


The Florida situation is due to racism. If the election officials in Broward and Palm Beach Counties had been white, the Florida State Police would have seized the voting apparatus when the counties missed the first reporting deadline. These county officials have committed overt criminal acts without a legal response.


The reason why Stacey Abrams hasn't taken "that step" of retracting her concession is because she never conceeded. What we're seeing is an orchestrated campaign by the Democract party in multiple states (FL, GA, AZ) to literally cheat their way to steal elections and thwart the will of the people in their states.