McCarthy's denial about replacing Ryan, is everything wrong with Congress

Washington, D.C. is only broken because many who serve there are

U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy continues to deny a story by THE WEEKLY STANDARD that he was trying to replace and push out Speaker Paul Ryan before the November mid-term elections.

THE WEEKLY STANDARD, and its great editor Stephen Hayes, stood by their previous reporting despite McCarthy's denials and being attacked by the Congressman's communication staff.

THE WEEKLY STANDARD had nine sources that backed the claim, including one on the record by Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management and Budget at the White House. At a conference last week, Mulvaney said this to FoxNews host Bret Baier, "I've talked with Kevin about this privately but not as much publicly. Wouldn't it be great to force a Democrat running in a tight race to have to put up or shut up about voting for Nancy Pelosi eight weeks before an election? That's a really, really good vote for us to force if we can figure out how to do it."

On top of all this, the TWS was not the only media reporting this about McCarthy. Politico had a piece on Monday by Rachel Bade that stated, "in mid-April McCarthy allies floated installing @GOPleader now & WH officials asked Ryan's office if he can do this for 7 months effectively. But Ryan pushed back hard & after that most kept concerns 2 themselves.”

Not only did McCarthy lie, but what he continues to be dishonest about is dumb. If McCarthy wants to be Speaker and wants Ryan out before November, he should own it. Everyone can make mistakes, but this type of behavior only reinforces a narrative that he is self-serving and power hungry.

Despite all the proof that the TWS featured in its story, McCarthy still cannot come clean. That leads me to a larger point. This type of behavior from a leader in Congress is the very reason people cannot stand politicians. Washington, D.C. is only broken because many who serve there are. More and more, members of Congress dumb down truthfulness.

As believers, the Bible states that, "but the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man." (Matthew 15:18) This week, McCarthy's heart was on full display. Even on such minutiae situations like an early Speaker's race, honestly matters. Members play these type of games while real problems are not being solved. We have a national debt of over $19 trillion. Entitlement programs are going bankrupt and we have no long-term plan to stop cyber attacks. Instead of Congress talking about the future, education, automation, or the economy, we get this nonsense.

We need leaders in Congress to start acting like mature men, not like little boys that can shave.

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There are no mature men/women in DC. Anyone who was mature morphed into a child on January 20, 2017. Trump is the biggest child of all.


Not when there is money and power involved.