McCain, Cruz Get Under Kim Jong Un’s Skin

Arizona’s senior Senator knows how to push North Korea’s Supreme Leader’s buttons.

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, McCain called out Kim as the

Crazy fat kid that’s running North Korea

The Korean Central News Agency, North Korea’s propaganda arm, responded characteristically, saying that McCain’s comments, along with Ted Cruz’s efforts to re-label North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, “hurt its dignity.”

As such guys as John McCain and Ted Cruz made a provocation tantamount to declaration of war against the DPRK, the DPRK will take steps to counter it.

McCain’s response on twitter was perfect:

If anything, shouldn’t Kim regard it as a compliment? His country is perpetually wracked by poverty and starvation, has a GDP roughly the same size as Delta Airlines, and yet he manages to pack on the pounds. That’s an achievement worthy of the title “Supreme” Leader.