Marvel Comics Creator, Stan Lee, Caught up in Elder Abuse Case

Stan Lee was granted a restraining order against the man he recently said was his only business partner.

This is enough to cause Bruce Banner to go full-on Hulk, and he would be right to do it.

To be honest, this sort of thing gets me a little greenish, as well.

Stan Lee is the 95 year old genius behind Marvel Comics, and all the amazing comic book characters that I grew up geeking out over (My favorite was Spider-Man).

As of late, Lee has been front and center, doing brief, but hilarious cameos in all the Marvel movies. He’s also been more of a presence on social media, lately, and in particular, Twitter.

He asks to hear from fans, reads their comments, and actually engages in typical social media fashion (He recently revealed he’d been hacked and needed to know how to change his password on Facebook). After each chatty Twitter video, he ends with his trademark: EXCELSIOR!

It’s good stuff, and it’s a lot of fun for comics aficionados.

Unfortunately, it appears there are some problems going on in Mr. Lee’s life, and as somebody who serves as a caretaker for my elderly dad, I can understand the concerns.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stan Lee filed for a restraining order on Wednesday against Keya Morgan, a man he spoke of in one of those weekend videos as his only business partner.

Lee was granted a temporary restraining order against Morgan, authorities told THR. The request for a permanent order is 43 pages long. A court date to decide that request is set for July 6.

The restraining order request was filed two days after Morgan was arrested on suspicion of filing a false report to police. Morgan was released from jail on $20,000 bail.

The LAPD is investigating reports of elder abuse against Lee. The investigation began in February, but only became public knowledge Wednesday.

I’ll say the video seemed a bit strange and out of nowhere. I hadn’t seen or heard of anyone else claiming a partnership or claiming to be Lee’s manager, but here it was.

Lee’s former attorney, Tom Lallas is now acting as his Guardian Ad Litem.

In April, THR exposed that the 95-year-old Lee — who co-created such legendary comic characters as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four, among many others — was caught in the middle of a war of words among those closest to him, all of whom were vying for control over Lee's life, allegedly for their own financial gain.

Morgan, who has long been involved in the pop-culture memorabilia scene, was one of the subjects of the lengthy THR investigation. The other parties involved were Lee's 67-year-old daughter J.C., publicist-turned-caretaker Jerry Olivarez and Lee's former road manager Max Anderson. Lee's wife of 70 years, Joan, died last July.

He’s 95 years old. His memory is failing, and that’s to be expected. What’s not to be expected is that at this stage in his life, there are so few willing to fight for his wellbeing.

In February, Lee signed a declaration (THR obtained a copy) that claimed J.C. demanded money from him and insisted that men with "bad intentions" surrounded Lee and influenced the family to "gain control over my assets, property and money." These individuals included Morgan. The declaration was signed in Lallas' law office.

However, a video of Lee shortly thereafter posted to his Twitter account called the declaration "misleading" and "insulting," and the Marvel creator insisted "my relationship with my daughter has never been better."

This is depressing. Stan Lee is an icon. He deserves better.

Elder abuse is a real problem. It is disturbing to hear of some of the most vulnerable members of our society being taken advantage of by those around them.

Prayers for this situation to be worked out, and for people with good intent to step up on Mr. Lee’s behalf.

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Wow...that's just wrong. Have to agree with @JPL. That this is happening is appalling.


Truly horrifying to think that the people surrounding Lee may care very much about his empire; not so much about the man, himself. His wife's recent death may have sped his mental decline, so that he can't tell if that Morgan guy or his own daughter is looking out for him. He needs protection. He needs the X-Men. Better still, send in Lee's bitter comic reject, Deadpool to slay 'em all and let God sort 'em out.


Stan seems like a good guy, and he's brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people. That this kind of thing happens at all is appalling.


I had no idea he was 95. I'd have guessed 75. Greedy, greedy people. It's a shame.