Martha McSally: 'I’m Getting My Ass Kicked' For Vote To Repeal Obamacare

Democrats are using McSally's votes against Obamacare to stoke fears about coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Once thought to be a favorite, Republican Martha McSally is slipping in the polls in Arizona. The conservative vying for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat blames her decline on her 2017 vote to repeal Obamacare.

In an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show quoted by Raw Story, McSally said, “Well, Sean, I did vote to repeal and replace Obamacare on that House bill — I’m getting my ass kicked for it right now because it’s being misconstrued by the Democrats. They’re trying to, you know, invoke fear in people who have family members or loved ones with pre-existing conditions.”

McSally told the Arizona Republic that Democrats were assassinating her character because of her vote even though many people with pre-existing conditions are not covered by Obamacare plans due to their cost.

“Now what we have is people right now, under Obamacare, with pre-existing conditions who have no health insurance,” she said, adding that people didn’t want the “crappy insurance” created by the Affordable Care Act.

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, Republicans have made repealing the health insurance law a priority. Public opinion was against the law for years but shifted when Republicans launched several abortive attempts to repeal and replace it last year. Current polling shows that Americans now approve of the law by an average of nine points. Democrat claims that Republicans would eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions was a major reason for the shift.

While polling remains close in the race, momentum seems to have moved towards Democrat Kirsten Sinema in recent weeks even though Arizona typically trends Republican. Sinema was also faced with an embarrassing video a few weeks ago in which she ridiculed Arizona voters.

The Real Clear Politics average gives Sinema a lead of less than one point, but recent polls favor the Democrat by larger margins. The last poll, released yesterday, showed Sinema with a six-point lead that is outside the margin of error. The Cook Political Report and Larry Sabato still rate the race as a tossup, but FiveThirtyEight has moved the Arizona to the “lean Democrat” category, pegging McSally’s chances of winning at 38 percent.

McSally, a former Air Force fighter pilot who flew the A-10 Thunderbolt in combat in Afghanistan, has served as a Republican congressman from Arizona since 2015. She has been a strong ally of Donald Trump, voting with the president more than 97 percent of the time.

Arizona seems to be the best chance for Democrats to pick up Republican Senate seat, but, if Sinema pulls off the win, it may only be to preserve the current balance of power in the Senate. Flipping Flake’s seat would only offset the projected Republican victory over Democratic incumbent Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota. With Democrats on the defense in most other close Senate races, it seems increasingly likely that the blue wave won’t reach the Senate, even if Arizona goes blue.

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And now she's a Senator - and didn't have to sell us out to get there...


The issue with pre-existing conditions is that Democrats have managed to convince people that if they change employers or insurance plans while they are sick, they risk not having coverage.

Nevermind that this is not what the actual issue is - employer plans have not had a pre-existing condition rule since 1996, and no one is talking about allowing individual-market plans to deny coverage for previously-covered conditions...

A lie told enough times becomes the truth.


Well, if Arizonans are that stupid, then they deserve what they get. Oh wait, they Did elect McCain over & over.


Democrats can run on and will win with the pre-existing condition arguments because Republicans have not created a defense against it. The simple fact that insurance doesn't work that way, that you can't go without it for 14 years and then get all of your pre-existing conditions covered at 100% because it'd bankrupt the program (which is what it's doing) should be enough to end the debate, but it isn't because the Republicans have offered no alternative to Obamacare itself.


Republicans have a majority but not by j issue. Many votes were less than five to keep a bill from passing.. The Obamacare tie to Planned Parenthood saved both. In Hopefully the Republicans will hold the house with less RINO and more moderate Democrats.

The Democrats almost have a litmus test when it comes to abortion guns, and immigration.. They are still for more taxes, spending and regulation Justice and rights are to be defined by them.

Democrats have pushed for more gun regulation as they ignore other weapons. Gun regulations stopped the mail bomber?. Rape is often part of brute force. Violence from mental illness or any other reason needs to be stopped.

Trump has his accomplishments, but I am voting straight Republican because of what the Democrats have done or said.. The Republicans are no angels as to truth, but many Democrats seem to be in the other direction


  1. No due process.
  2. Guilty until prov innocent. 3 Double standard and hypocrisy.
  3. Taking disaster money for campaign 5 Hiding their socialism thoughts, and how they feel about certain right Calling your votersstupid as you suck up to outsiders for donations.. 7 Pushing for troal college as co,e areas are giving non-citizens the right to vote
  4. Comparing immigration when we has assimilation, to now when we don't