Make No Mistake: Hollywood Still Has Tremendous Influence

Bias comes in many forms, but one of the most profound isn't the way stories get told, but whether they get told at all.

Imagine for a second that Richard Nixon had allowed a woman to drown in a car while conspiring with all of his aides to figure out how to cover up the entire incident. Do you think it would have taken 5 decades for Hollywood to chronicle the events in a movie?

Let me answer that for you. The Watergate break-in occurred in the middle of 1972. After becoming involved in the subsequent cover-up and investigation, Nixon resigned in the middle of 1974. Less than two years later in April of 1976, Hollywood released “All the President’s Men,” a major cinematic exposé on Nixon’s crimes that grossed over $70 million at the box office. And since then, there have been countless Nixon/Watergate films produced and released from the movie industry.

Interestingly, three years before the infamous break-in and presidential humiliation, one of America’s wealthiest and most privileged families experienced a scandal and cover-up of their own. Except rather than political espionage, theirs involved nothing short of manslaughter.

When Ted Kennedy drove his alleged mistress Mary Jo Kopechne off a bridge and left her to drown submerged in the car all night without reporting the accident to any authority while he conferred with his friends instead, he should have been found guilty of worse than manslaughter. Here’s why:

When Mary Jo’s body was recovered the next morning, it appeared that she died not of drowning but suffocation. She likely lived for hours. There she had been, her head and neck jammed at a sharp angle up against the foot board, gasping through a small air pocket. Was she wondering where Kennedy was? Was she convinced he was on the verge of coming back for her? That he had gone to get help?

After all, who would leave someone in this situation alone? Least of all someone who had suffered so much loss so young?

Ted Kennedy passed by nearby lighted homes and the local fire department as he walked back to his inn, away from the pond he’d later claim was deep and at high tide. He slept that night as Mary Jo took her last breaths.

Ted had testified that Mary Jo was kicking him frantically as he escaped the car, proving she did not die from the accident. His negligence in not reporting the incident coupled with Mary Jo’s apparent ability to keep herself alive should have complicated the charges for the brash and arrogant Senator.

Nixon stole secrets and lied about it. Kennedy allowed a woman to suffocate to death and lied about it. Which one seems more of a made-for-Hollywood plot line? Yet not until last week – in 2018! – has Hollywood touched this despicable crime.

Bias comes in many forms, but one of its most profound manifestations isn’t the way stories get told, but whether they get told. As much as we may like to poke fun at the self-impressed stars offering their standard political rants at awards shows, Hollywood still has enormous cultural impact. The fact that Ted Kennedy even had a political career is proof enough of that.

On of the good things about #MeToo/#TimesUp is that what happened in 1969 can never happen again. It's actually kind of funny watching the real-time slow motion disintegration of the Kennedy name. It'll take a few decades for everyone who made their bones before 2009 to die off or retire, but quite possibly within my lifetime (I'm only 24) we'll see a motion to have his Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously revoked and his remains disinterred from Arlington and wrapped with rebar and dumped into Chappaquiddick. So that last will never actually happens (sadly) but I now is as good a time as any to get that petition for the first one circulating.

I don't believe that it can't happen again for a second. How long were these incidents covered up and even celebrated by Hollywood and D.C.? The fire is hot now, but in time it will die down. News gets old fast. There has been and will be overreach, where people who are not victims claim to be because they regret something or just want to use it as a political weapon. That will then cast doubt on claims and you will have half the people saying they should swing for it and the other half saying it didn't happen. If this exact story happened to Trump yesterday, at least half of the right would say it doesn't matter because they like his policies and he's a fighter. The left would be setting their heads on fire. Flip the script and make it about Obama, and all the player would change sides. The only thing that couldn't happen today is that it completely buried because the right has enough outlets to get attention drawn to it.

I know you are trolling, but it actually deserves a serious answer. The government should do nothing. 1) People should be made aware of how biased Hollywood is, not just content, but what doesn't get made. The B.S. filter needs to always be set at the max. 2) Encourage more neutral and right leaning people into the film, acting and production industry to try and water down the bias. 3) Support the quality products that aren't shoving leftist drivel at us by going to see these movies. The difference between conservatives and the left, is that conservatives don't see a problem and then ask what is the government going to do about it. Just because we don't want the government to solve the problems (which they don't, they make them worse or make new problems), doesn't mean that problems don't exist and don't need private and free market solutions.

Maybe we should look somewhere else besides hollywood for anything serious? It seems to me the greek word for actor was hypocrite? The common folks with real jobs and families to support seem to have more sense or they could not make ends meet.

You might have had a case two decades ago when there were five channels on TV. But come on. Can we just face it that the left has more fun? Are you going to see black panther or a movie about pence's rabbit?

Where do you get the idea that the left has more fun? All the left does is moan, whine, and demean those they disagree with! They play the victim all the time and seem to be angry all the time! The only time leftist laugh is when they put down others! I'm always wondering what planet you live on!

uh, Hollywood.

If it is true that the Left just has more fun, then we need to look at how the Left defines "fun". Apparently on the Left, blind hatred is "fun", as we see in the rantings of the Jimmies and other so-called "comedians" so loved by the Left. "Fun" seems to include savaging of others, character assassination, and vicious ridicule. It also apparently includes celebration of mistreatment of women and killing of cops, if we look at the "fun" lyrics of some Leftist heroes, like the ones often invited to Obama's White House for some fun evenings of admiration of misogyny, racism and anarchy. Let's not forget the "fun" of stunningly violent and vicious movies put out by those fun-loving Hollywood types. Kill Bill, anyone? Ahhh, so much blood, so much fun. And the effect of all this fun is apparent, as we are treated to Nasty Girl Judd's fun face as she tells us how much fun SHE would be at a party. When we saw all those happy smiling faces in their cheerful genital suits, waving their fun signs and marching in those fun-loving marches, we were struck by how much FUN it was to be on the radical Left. We look at all the sour faces snarling at us from the podium at their smug self-congratulatory awards ceremonies, where they admire each other for how much fun they are having, and are made aware of how much fun it takes to create such scorn, such hatred, such contempt for others merely for not being as much fun. The fun on the Left runs so deep that it never falters, as they just let the president be the president and just live their own happy fun-loving lives. Or maybe being psychotically obsessed with destroying the president, even if it means undermining our system of government, is just another way of having fun if you are a Lefty. Yes, if we are going to buy into the claim that the Left just has more fun, we clearly need to check those Lefty dictionaries to see just how they define fun. It looks pretty miserable to us.

In Magared's posts, there is not one word about a young woman who was left to die a horrible death, not one mention, not one acknowledgment....only a defense of liberalism and how much fun its adherents have.

Joseph McCarthy recognized the potential for harm ensuring from media produced by a Hollywood infiltrated with Communist ideology. His assertions were debunked by the radical progressives on the left, his warning however; was factual. That same propaganda stream thrives today in film, print, television, education facilities, etc. While our entertainment and communication vehicles are valuable tools to promote the positive; we should also be cognizant of the damage it does; especially to the more impressionable in our society.