lmfao ! hilarious. 2014, I read redstate often, glen beck all of it. Then I saw how you people like you, would rather watch america burn, then have anything threaten your radically individualist sensibilities. America wasn't founded as a nation for just "the individual" to do as he pleases and screw society, the so called "dead white males" made it clear that the sacrifices made were "for ourselves and OUR POSTERITY" their blood descendents, their people, not for us to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of everyone else. I'm a republican, not a conservative at all, although I am right wing, I'm far too anti-humanist to embrace individualism. And Now, redstate has been forced to bow down, I'm a republican, but I'd vote for whatever party supported trump, and I'd sooner we just dispense with all the "republican principals", so the Alt-right, and WN, came reach full ascendancy, just like Glen Beck, you WILL bend the Knee, or lose all relevance, it is our day, and our country, get on the Trump train or be gone, I have no pity for you, You claimed the moral highground while cuckolding your own people for far to long, and the resurgant will capitulate, or it will eventually lose its meager foothold, I'm 29 years old, we are the future of the "republican party" and as we press harder and fortify our wins, the noose will tighten for traitors, enjoy your brief respite Susan, it won't last, and I will be one of the first commentors to gloat, when you swear fealty. What's most poignant, the man you claim lacks morals and principals, and is an unfit leader, never changes or backs down, yet all the "more fit" ones you support, Cruz etc., have bowed down and fallen in line... who really lacked the moral fiber ?