Liberty University President Takes to Twitter to Promote the Unthinkable

Jerry Falwell Jr. vents his thoughts on how to handle those deemed "insufficiently loyal" to President Trump.

Somebody has had a busy, dumb, social media weekend.

Just when I think the suck-ups and clingers of President Trump can no longer shock me, they do.

Seriously. It’s like they’ve set personal challenges to try and top their last outrageous claims, in defense of a man that too many see as a god-emperor.

This is where I remind everybody, in the interest of full disclosure, that I’m a Liberty University alum. I don’t want anybody to think I’m running from it, and I’ll go on to say it’s a great school. I valued my time there. The professors were so helpful, and my classmates were great encouragers.

With all that said, I can’t begin to express what a continuing source of embarrassment Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr has become.

His to-his-knees devotion to all things Trump has run far from the shores of “casual supporter” into something un-American and detestable.

On Friday, Falwell began a fascist rant against those he saw as insufficiently loyal to the throne.

That’s right. He’s calling for extrajudicial jailing of Trump’s perceived “enemies.”

OH – Have I mentioned that Falwell is a lawyer, by trade?

What we should note is that none of the men mentioned in this raging tweet have been charged with any crime. They’re not even suspects in anything criminal. These are simply individuals who have done something at some point in their careers that has rubbed President Trump the wrong way.

In the case of embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he made the decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe, due to the fact that he had his own interactions with Russia officials during the campaign that he failed to disclose during his confirmation hearing.

It was the ethical thing to do, but it has certainly brought on wave after wave of abuse from Trump and his loyalists, who feel Sessions’ job was not to act as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, but to act as a defender of the president.

These people don’t understand our government.

And speaking of “don’t understand our government,” Falwell doubled down on his rant Saturday, in answer to a tweet from Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu:

Of course. Let’s add Trump-appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray to the list, as well.

I’ve long since given up on expecting anything resembling rationality to come from any of President Trump’s true believers, but this is a vicious suggestion, and is coming from a prominent member of Trump’s circle of sycophants.

Worse still, the initial tweet has nearly 10,000 “likes.”

That’s a lot of people who seem comfortable with the notion of locking up fellow Americans for no other reason than a difference of political opinion.

This is how kingdoms topple.

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I went to school with Jerry Jr at Liberty. He was a prat then too!


Did he start his first message by calling for "grownups w/ integrity"?


To quote a great characters' last words..."Oh my." What a shame that you have become as lost as the left.

To even suggest that HRC should not be treated as equally as military folk in handling classified information ....Hmmm


Wonder for what reason this school was founded . Now we know that even though he is a Conservative which is good ; the founding of this school was not to be associated with other ( Races ) for that Christian Educated goal in total . Politicans by nature are Liars and all we Voters can do is to vote for the sweetest talking Liar 👺👺


@Susan_Wright Clearly you cannot distinguish between words and actions. One is hyperbole by a person that has no power. The other is actions buy an Administration that is doing some very good things even if they say some very dumb things from time to time.

And it wasn't just this one thing. I was talking about the general bitterness you have toward anyone who supports anything the Trump Administration is doing.

maybe I should have leveled this critique in an email rather than a public forum. maybe then you wouldn't have lashed out against me like a pissed-off child.

Hope in the future you try looking at things objectively rather than just blindly lashing out against anybody that disagrees with you.

Good day.