Liberal college professor wants to physically harm Ben Shapiro

(photo credit: Gage Skidmore) Professor wants MMA fight with Ben Shapiro

No offense meant, but I don’t need you to assure me that I’m not stupid. Without naming any names, it is easy enough to find clear signs of lesser intellect on the Internet without putting forth any serious effort. Of course, not everyone thinks about the subject for a while before posting an opinion on something. Being human, this sometimes includes me. However, I do try to control my temper, especially when a comment or a story causes my blood pressure to go up. As a reminder to myself and a warning to others, the background wall of my Facebook page is The Credible Hulk, complete with the following caption:

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources.

I have a college degree, a BBA from the University of Georgia. No big deal, in my opinion. Bill Gates did not graduate from college. Neither have Mark Zuckerberg or Rush Limbaugh. Would you rather trade bank accounts with one of them, or me? Do you know what they call the person who graduates at the very bottom of the class in medical school? The correct answer is “Doctor.”

If your argument relies on a title, your argument suffers a logical fallacy called the argument from authority. If you run out of valid points to make and offer personal insults in defense of your argument, you’re guilty of the ad hominem logical fallacy. If you physically threaten your perceived intellectual opponent with violence, you’re a criminal and a thug. And if you actually carry out those threats, there’s a good chance you could become a convicted felon.

By now you're probably wondering...what has inspired today’s rant? An article from Campus Reform reports that Sociology professor Fernando Cortes Chirino told his students that he wanted to fight conservative pundit Ben Shapiro in a mixed martial arts (MMA) match. Chirino called Shapiro a “a-hole white supremacist” while expressing a desire to rip the man’s shoulder out of its socket. Chirino rather foolishly said,

I wouldn’t debate him, because being in the same room as that fool is putting this nonsense fascist ideologue on equal footing with me, using my real degree to legitimize garbage politics that are at bet nonsensical.

The reader might want to know that Mr. Shapiro’s “fake” undergraduate degree comes from UCLA, and his “fake” law degree is from Harvard Law School. The truth of the matter is that Mr. Chirino is not Mr. Shapiro’s intellectual equal or even in the same league, if we simply base or comparison on their respective curriculum vitae.

People say silly things all the time, but for Mr. Chirino to accuse Mr. Shapiro of being a “white supremacist” is laughably stupid, and utterly indefensible. Mr. Chirino doesn’t seem to be aware that white supremacists and Jews don’t normally get along very well together. Mr. Shapiro is, in fact, an Orthodox Jew.

It’s rather surprising that a sociology professor would not realize this, considering the fact that social relationships are supposed to be his specific area of expertise. However, it might not be as crazy as it sounds. Perhaps the reason Mr. Chirino wishes to engage in physical violence rather than intellectual debate is because he only wants to pick a fight he could win.

Having watched Ben Shapiro debating liberals on numerous occasions, I can certainly understand why an alleged academic would prefer a fistfight. He might stand a chance in an MMA style fight. Chirino even crowed that people should raise a $40,000 winner-take-all purse he could donate to charity, after he won. Personally, I abhor violence, but I might be willing to make an exception for a pay-per-view MMA match between Chirino and Shapiro –- Jerry Shapiro, that is –- should be well worth the money. I’ve never watched “J-Shap” fight before, but nevertheless, my money would be on the professional MMA fighter over some wimpy, braggadocious college professor.

Of course, I’ve never seen Mr. Chirino debate before, but I’m equally confident that any exchange with Ben Shapiro would result in an intellectual beating from which he might never recover.

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"My real degree..." What a stupid phrase. The irony being, that simply parroting all of the liberal crap they teach at the type of school I'm sure he graduated from, guarantees they'll print you out your very own copy of a PhD. And I'm not even going to ask the question of whether or not his name suggests he's from one of the Privileged Minorities who sometimes get their "real degrees" with special consideration (e.g. different entrance requirements).