Liberal Christians Get Along w/ Atheists Because They're Becoming One

As for me, I don’t want any dialed down Christianity. I want the real thing.

There’s nothing quite like tax cuts to get even the leftiest of all leftists to start quoting Scripture like they’re the next Billy Graham. Taking their cues from self-proclaimed “progressive Christians” like Rachel Held Evans, Brian McLaren, or Jim Wallis, they’ll proudly rip Matthew 25 out of context and start slapping it all over social media posts and taunting commentaries. But there’s something very peculiar that unfolds when this happens. They find themselves quoting Jesus to advance a political ideology that is embraced largely by people who loathe Jesus.

Erick Erickson noted that inconsistency by tweeting at these left-wing religious folks:

“And you sanctimonious liberal Christians quoting scripture to cry about tax policy should note that you have aligned yourselves with people who hold your God in contempt. You should probably wonder if you’re on the right side, but you won’t till it’s too late for you.”

On my own Facebook page and in numerous responses to articles I’ve written, I’ve seen this same perplexing phenomenon unfold – progressive Christians allying themselves with atheist scoffers who hate God, hate Jesus, and hate the Bible. For instance, after I wrote a recent piece urging Christians to defend the dignity of the Church as the Bride of Christ, progressive Christians touting the #ChurchToo movement were more than happy to tag team trash me with atheists.

I don’t mind being tag teamed of course, it comes with the territory. But I was blown away why any supposed believer was making nice with people who were literally proclaiming:

The poison is in the DNA of a patriarchal, misogynistic “gospel.” Which is why #ChurchToo, and why we #EmptyThePews.


You think sexual abuse of girls and women in the church occurs IN SPITE of church teachings. I think it occurs BECAUSE of church teachings.

The church IS unsafe. Very unsafe. Christianity began with the rape of a child bride. “Jesus Was a Rape Baby.”

If you are a professing Christian, and you are arguing on the same side as someone making those kinds of remarks, it should be a giant red flag. But instead, many liberal Christians foolishly pretend it is a badge of honor – that their agreement with unbelievers is a sign of their more enlightened outreach.

The irony of this phenomenon hasn’t been lost on the Christian satirical website The Babylon Bee that just recently ran a story with the hilariously accurate title, “Liberal Christian Attempts to Debate Atheist But They Just Agree On Everything.” The Bee has roasted progressive Christian author Rachel Held Evans for this obvious dichotomy before in the piece, “Rachel Held Evans Suffers Momentary Lapse of Doubt.”

But the issue isn’t all that funny when you consider the consequences. Remember Jesus famously told His disciples, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” He is telling His followers that the way they defend, provide for, care for, protect, support, and help fellow believers is how the world will see Christian familial unity and be drawn to it. Needless to say, progressive Christians teaming up with atheists to blast “unloving” believers isn’t really following that instruction.

Further, the atheist son of Tony Campolo, one such progressive Christian minister, says there is a strong gateway between progressive Christianity and atheism.

“[O]nce you start adjusting your theology…it’s an infinite progression…I passed through every stage of heresy. It starts out with sovereignty goes, then biblical authority goes, then I’m a universalist, now I’m marrying gay people. Pretty soon I don’t actually believe Jesus actually rose from the dead in a bodily way.”

Campolo says he is far from alone:

On the contrary, he believes the current world of ‘progressive Christianity’ (what he calls “the ragged edge” of Christianity) is heading towards full-blown unbelief…Campolo is predicting that as many as 40% of progressive Christians will become atheists over the next decade. In his view, the process of abandoning Christian doctrines is almost addictive. Once you start, you don’t know where to stop. It might begin with “dialing down” your view of God’s sovereignty, but it could easily end with unbelief. “When you get to this ragged edge of Christianity when people say ‘God’ they sort of mean ‘the universe’ and when they say ‘Jesus’ they sort of mean ‘redemption’ – they’re so progressive they don’t actually count on any supernatural stuff to happen, they’ve dialed it down in the same way I did.”

As for me, I don’t want any dialed down Christianity. I want the real thing – biblical authority, sovereignty of God, depravity of man, salvation in Christ alone. For many who call themselves progressive and social justice Christians, they won’t say the same.

In other words, they’ve already left Christianity but just haven’t admitted it yet.

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When people start falling for the lie that we have to be tolerant and that we can't say this or that lest we offend someone....Biblical teaching goes out the window. Christ offended many in His day and so did the apostles. No where does the Bible say to be tolerant. It says teach the Truth and often times the truth hurts. But better to have hurt feelings and learn the truth than go to Hell because of a lie.


I agree completely.


@Billie Excellent point. I truly believe the the actual "Falling Away" (Apostasy) will happen only when the Antichrist is here claiming to be the true Christ. 2 Thessalonians 2:3. But I see a lot of this happening as a type. I made this observation during the last president election when many Christians put aside their beliefs to promote and support Trump when their were still true Christians that they could have supported that would have been much better.


the Bible speaks of a falling away at the end of time and I believe we're seeing that now. Nothing seems to bad to be disregarded if it suits your purpose. I find however that this sort of reporting only makes me want to be stronger in my faith. To study harder, to understand more fully. I don't want to be a stammering Christian when asked why I love the Lord and believe that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I want to be able to speak up and speak out and damn the consequences.