Let's Worship America!

Here’s what you can expect at the Freedom Sunday service in Dallas, Texas.

Hey there.

What do you have going on this weekend?

In case you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a special service on Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. The pastor, Robert Jeffress, says that it will a celebration of, “our freedom as Americans and our freedom in Christ.” He’s even going to preach a sermon entitled, “America is a Christian Nation.”

I don’t know you that well. Maybe you’re going through a tough time. Perhaps your marriage is falling apart. Or maybe you’re like the millions of other Americans who are crippled by anxiety and depression. If so, this service is for you.

Other churches hold services where they mess around with silly things like teaching people about the living hope for those who belong to Christ or how God graciously forgives sinners and gives them a new standing before him through the work of his Son. Some even go so far as to sing about these kinds of things and then live them out in their day to day lives.

But you need something different.

You need America.

That’s right. Nothing calms the troubled waters of an anxious soul quite like the red, white, and blue. When a pastor stands before his congregation and gives them a glimpse of old glory, it has a way of bringing joy to the brokenhearted. There is no greater example of grace, love, and redemption than the one we get from the good old U.S. of A.

Well, unless you happen to be an unborn child.

Or a child who had the misfortune of being born with Down’s Syndrome in another country.

Or a black kid in a hoodie.

But that’s all beside the point.

We’ve got a country to celebrate!

You won’t get this information anywhere else but I was able to obtain the order of worship for this important service along with a few clips from the dress rehearsal. Here’s what you can expect at this Sunday's Freedom Sunday service.

Order of Worship

First Baptist Church of Dallas

Freedom Sunday

June 24, 2018

Call to Worship; "I am a Real American"; Hulk Hogan

Welcome and announcements; Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Military flyover

Children’s Sermon; “Modeling Grace and Humility”; Ann Coulter

Special Concert of Praise: Let’s Worship, America (comma optional):

In Trump Alone

When I Survey The Wondrous Wall

Sermon; "America Is A Christian Nation (if you squint real hard and only look for a second)"; Robert Jeffress

Hymn of Invitation: 10,000 Reasons Why We Should Always Obey Jeff Sessions

So if you don’t have anything going on this weekend, think about the Freedom Sunday service in Dallas, Texas. It promises to be a very moving time where many people will pray to make Uncle Sam their lord and savior.

What could possibly go wrong?

No. 1-13

What do you expect from a pastor who now worships his lord and savior named Trump rather than the one true God of the Bible?


I actually laughed out loud at the Sermon! That was a good one!


This is similarly as creepy as those school kids singing praises to Obama a few years back. The hymn the choir at that "church" sang last year about MAGA was just silly.


You can't take the human out of religion....and it's unsurprising in such tumultuous and divided political times....that politics and nationalism bleeds over into religion and religious celebration. People naturally look for guidance in how to deal with ethically complex issues that are front in center in our society, whether it's immigration, national defense, sports players kneeling, civil war statues, or the language and behavior of the President. The challenge is that the Biblical principles might not always perfectly align with preferred political preferences...and so there is some "growing" that is required to hammer them together. Look, not all ethical questions are easy...especially in a pluralistic society with a Constitution that is predicated on the idea of political compromise. We need more humility...and more loving of our neighbor as yourself.

Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson

^Was supposed to start at 20:03