Lankford: The Republican Party Is The Party Of Legal Immigration

Sen. James Lankford

Sen. Lankford talks with Autumn Price about how the GOP can work to preserve the importance of legal immigration.

Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) released a video Thursday night reminding the nation that the Republican Party is the party of legal immigration.

The video includes clips from a 2018 naturalization ceremony in Oklahoma City to illustrate the importance of legal immigration in the United States.

Lankford has previously introduced legislation to protect DREAMERS. This past week he introduced legislation to end the separating of families at the Mexican-American border.

“This afternoon, if you want to apply for any job in the country, you can. You’re an American. You can buy any place. You can live anywhere. You can travel anywhere. You can go to any house of worship you choose to go to...because you’re in America,” Lankford says in the video, welcoming the naturalized citizens to their new home.

Lankford added that he looks forward to seeing them around local neighborhoods.

The video states that over 3,600 naturalization applications were approved in the state of Oklahoma last year, and that between 700,000 to 750,000 immigrants become legal naturalized citizens every year, with 7.4 million immigrants becoming naturalized citizens in the last decade.

In an exclusive statement to The Resurgent, Lankford said the Republican Party rejoices at legal immigration, adding that illegal immigration diminishes the efforts naturalized citizens put into getting call America “home.”

“With all of the noise surrounding illegal immigration, it’s important to remember and celebrate the millions of people who have entered legally and waited in line for years to complete the American citizenship process,” Lankford said in a statement.

“We welcome immigrants who do it the right way,” he continued. “The United States is a very special country that is the envy of most of the world. We should welcome those who work hard, go through the legal process, and earn the right to become an American citizen.”

Lankford says his views on immigration have been shaped by his desire for strengthening national security, and his uncompromising pro-life convictions, specifically his belief in the human dignity and intrinsic value of every person.

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@RFlynn @JASmius @bassingal However much I sympathize with that mindset (I've done several protest votes myself) history doesn't agree with you. While history does not necessarily repeat itself, it can most certainly rhyme.

  • The next problem with Will’s analysis is that he completely misreads how a wipeout for congressional Republicans would affect the internal dynamics of the party. It won’t lead to Trump’s hold on Republicans being weaker — like Obama in 2012 and Clinton in 1996, he’ll be the only game in town. Just look at the map. The Republican party has a bewildering array of factions and ideologies and overlap among the two, although typically the divisions are not as obvious as they have been since 2010, and particularly since 2015. You have your pure Establishment Republicans such as McConnell, your “Reformicon”/Kemp types such as Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio, your tea-party conservative types such as Ted Cruz and the House Freedom Caucus, your moderate and liberal Republicans such as John Kasich, and of course the true-believing Trump enthusiasts. If you look at who the most vulnerable Republican House and Senate members are, you’ll quickly notice that they are dominated by the McConnell, Kasich, and Ryan/Rubio factions, and to some extent the Cruz-style ideological conservatives. Far fewer of the real Trumpist Republicans are really on the chopping block. Wipe out the other factions, the way the Blue Dog Democrats were decimated in 2010, and the Trump faction is suddenly ascendant within the party. *

I wouldn't bet on that. Oklahoma may be reliably red, but they aren't an 'immigunts-takin-ur-jerbs' type of place...

The issue there is the 'illegal' part not the 'immigrant' part...


@jas -- That's the dumbest option of them all. If you don't vote for (and support with time and/or money) the Democrats this Fall then you are voting for Trump. Anything else is self-delusion. Every single member of Congress elected in November will either be a Trump supporter or a Democrat. There's no disputing that.