Kimberly Corban Launches Podcast to Shatter Feminist Stereotypes

Kimberly Corban is launching a podcast with her friend Kirsta Rinehart to break feminist stereotypes on empowerment.

In the age of #MeToo and combatting sexual assault, very few individuals can speak on the subject with clarity and without slamming men in the process.

One of those individuals is Kimberly Corban, a rape survivor and motivational speaker who rose to prominence after challenging former President Obama on firearms during a CNN Townhall in January 2016. Corban was raped and sexually assaulted nearly 12 years ago. She was able to recount the horrific event and help convict her attacker. She's now helping other women do the same thing.

Today at 5pm MST/7pm EST, Corban is launching a new podcast "Life As She Knows It" with her friend Kirsta Rinehart to combat stereotypes about female empowerment with respect to modern-day feminism. The podcast can be found on iTunes.

She and Rinehart worked together in criminal justice and believe their differing personalities—Corban an extrovert, Rinehart an introvert—will add to the uniqueness of the podcast.

In an email to The Resurgent, Corban said the goal of the podcast is to reach young women "who are ready to have tough-topic discussions in a non-threatening way."

"We’re teaching them to form their own opinions and encouraging them to utilize their own life experiences to find their individual voices," she added.

Both women identify as "independent feminists with conservative leanings" who wouldn't be caught dead "wearing pink hats in a winter march," but they make something very clear: they don't always tow the party line. I believe our readers will like the sound of that!

Episodes will run 45 minutes and be published Wednesday mornings.

If you're looking to make your Wednesday mornings brighter, listen to "Life As She Knows It" while commuting or working in the office. More conservatives need to embrace podcasts, and it's encouraging to see Ms. Corban continue to use her platform for good. ​

Again, find the podcast at iTunes or subscribe here.

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Combating stereotypes is always fun, like the New Wave Feminists that crashed the Women's March to defend the life of the unborn.


I always have to scratch my head about the title feminist, considering John Edwards claimed to be a feminist which was accepted by many women on the Left. For those of you who don't remember, John Edwards had an affair on his wife while she was fighting breast cancer, had a child as result of the affair and then tried to pass the child off as someone else's while his mistress thought they'd live happily ever after.