Justin Amash Nails the Partisan Hypocrisy in Washington Over Syria

Nothing matters except opposing the other side and Rep. Amash offers devastating proof

Lookie lookie. President Trump ordered strikes against Syria to punish Bashar al-Assad for gassing his people, and 73 Democrats, along with 15 Republicans signed a letter warning him of his use of military power against a foreign sovereign state without Congressional approval. That means 223 Repubicans didn't sign the letter (and 120 Democrats didn't sign either, not to be overlooked).

In 2013, a similar letter from Congress was sent to President Barack Obama. Only 21 Democrats signed that letter, along with 119 Republicans. Many of the Republicans who were in office in 2013 and signed the letter to Obama didn't sign the letter to Trump.

Rep. Justin Amash, one of the Tea Party wave of political consistency swept into Congress, pointed out the hypocrisy on Twitter.

"Witness the hypocrisy that our two-party system breeds: Check out these similar letters warning the president about commencing offensive strikes against Syria without congressional approval.

"2013 signers: 119 Rs, 21 Ds

"2018 signers: 15 Rs, 73 Ds

"Very few of us signed both."

Rep. Amash, you have hit the hypocrisy nail on the head. For many (most?) of Congress, it's more important to oppose the other side than to be consistent in any way. The latest crop of Republicans in Congress has proven this over and over, and in spades. It's likely one of the major reasons we're seeing so many retirements, including Speaker Paul Ryan. To see a group of men and women supposedly dedicated to principles, represented by a political party, abandon everything to simply cheer "team spirit" and boo the other side is sickening.

Thank you Rep. Amash for being one of the few who maintains a modicum of consistency (heaping more shame on surrender monkeys like Sen. Jeff Flake, who joins Democrats in opposing Trump while supporting the tax and spend policies he himself ran against).

This November, we get to vote in a new crop of representatives and senators. The Democrats would have you believe this is a referendum on Trump. In some ways, it is, but really it's another futile exercise in Team Spirit. It would be very heartening to see the electorate break the cycle and elect more like Amash.

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I have a half dead tree in my front yard. My local government says it's fine for now, so I can't cut it down. But when they finally permit (needs one, too) me, I'll have to replace it by planting two. My property; my tree; government moral rot. And that's how we got here.


The founders never intended for political parties to exist and the constitution has been modified to make political parties work.

I don't think the average American really cares about consistency. People only care about their side winning.


I am weary to the bone of the lesser of two evils, polish the turd party polotics when they are run by folks who could not match wits with my dog. Any ideas for doing better?


I believe Ryan is leaving because he has nothing to run on but the tax cuts that add up to very little when you figure in the new spending bill and what the new tariff on Chinese and other countries will cost the consumer. He can't run on getting rid of Obamacare, or building the fence or holding the line on spending. He can't even run on getting rid of PP because that money as well was in the budget. All he could do was stand in front of the microphone and say vote for me I'm not a democrat and I believe that is what this coming election will wind up as. The Dems will look more and more like socialist progressive and people will hold their nose and vote for the lesser of two evils.