Just FYI, Words Mean Nothing Anymore

These words...they do not mean what we've always thought they mean.

I admit it might be me, but I don’t think it is. I think that any rational, normal, otherwise highly functional human being would struggle with deciphering words in the world of pop media culture.

For instance, I recently wrote about a forty-year-old man who thinks he’s a woman, engaged to a sixty-year-old woman who thinks she’s a man, raising two kids who think they are also transgender. Their family dynamic was described in the original story as “traditional.” Surely I’m not alone in saying that the opposite of what “traditional” has always been understood to mean.

And this is but one small example in a sea of absurdities. Why is it that:

  • “The children” doesn't actually mean children, but always seems to mean “the government?” We’re told that various programs will help “the children” when in actuality they merely line the pockets of government officials administering said program?
  • “Bi-partisan” doesn't actually mean when lawmakers work together, but apparently translates to any lawmaking that isn’t conservative? When Republicans enact conservative policy they are blasted for eschewing bipartisan legislation for ideological partisanship.
  • “Net-neutrality” doesn't actually mean neutrality on the internet, but the exact opposite. Neutrality used to be everyone on the same plane but now translates to government enforcing regulations that favor their friends.
  • “Alt-right” doesn't actually mean the people on the neo-nazi, alternative-right, but now applies to anyone who thinks Donald Trump, on occasion, does something right?
  • “Progressive” doesn't actually mean something that leads to progress, but means policy-making that is decidedly regressive?
  • “Planned Parenthood” doesn't actually mean planning for parenthood, but is synonymous with all efforts, including dismembering tiny humans, to avoid having to plan for parenthood?
  • “Invest” doesn't actually mean putting your money into something with the hopes of long-term returns but now means “confiscate and spend?” If I steal money from my neighbor and spend it on a book for a random kid on the street, is it a reasonable legal defense to claim I wasn’t stealing but “investing” in the next generation?
  • “Antifa” doesn't actually mean anti-fascist, but refers to a movement that appears to actually be in favor of fascism?
  • “Bigot” doesn't actually mean someone who holds bigoted positions, but could properly be defined these days as any conservative winning an argument with a liberal?
  • “Science” doesn't actually mean fidelity to the scientific process, but instead means any conclusion that affirms a progressive, liberal, and anti-Christian assumption?
  • “Uncle Tom” doesn't actually refer to an excessively subservient or servile black man, but instead is used to deride a black man strong enough to resist conformity to left-wing political theory?

Warning about the creeping dangers of totalitarianism even in a country like the United States, the late George Orwell identified the first casualties of the assault as words, “often used in a consciously dishonest way.” I may be going out on a limb here, but I think George was on to something.

No. 1-11

"Progressive" is actually the stated strategy to devolve individualism into collectivism through a metered approach. It has nothing to do with the progression of individual-based human advancement, but in fact the very opposite.


The Bushie "Compassionate" Conservatism was such a platitude, that actually undermined conservatism but we ate it and were force fed it by the Elitist Estab Repubs. Remember HW Bush Killed the Reagan Revolution paving the way for Clinton, and W paved the way for Obama. But these NWO Elitist all belonged to the same club.


I "WAS" waiting for the day a couple would claim to be "Lesbians" by the boyfriend dressing and making up as a woman and the "women" the (Real) one staying as a woman so that they could have a "Lesbian" relationship..... Then complaining because they don't feel "accepted".


etbass is right. We have gotten so far from political definitions, from the very concept of political ideology, that now it is Identity Politics across the board. There is a specific definition of a 21st Century American Conservative, and it is the belief that our federal government must be severely restricted as to size, scope and power, with most authority left to the States or to the People. Most Conservatives vote Republican because we really don't have much of a choice, but slapping an R on your lapel doesn't make you a Republican (as we have been seeing in the #NeverTrump movement, etc.) and being a Republican doesn't make you a Conservative. Sadly, though, I am coming to the conclusion that being a Democrat DOES make you a Progressive, which is just another work hijacked and used in contradiction of its true meaning, in this case applying to the Left. "Progressive" and "Liberal"are two words consistently misused and abused, which have to be capitalized to separate them from their true dictionary meanings and show that they are being redefined by a political movement because they are more acceptable to the general public than Socialist or Communist.


This article is right on target. I never thought I would see the day when people would vote for someone who ran on increasing taxes or who was against reducing taxes. I never thought I would see the day that someone would dare run as a (avowed) socialist. We give things deceptive names to make things sound acceptable. Too many people do not get informed, but believe what they are told by the press and politicians. One example is that any tax cut is claimed as a tax cut for the rich without any acknowledgement that they are the ones that pay the taxes. When a liberal wants something it is for the children when in actuality it is for benefits to those involved in education. I believe that eighty percent of the public favor net neutrality, but if asked how many really know what is and how it is applied. It is all about deception.