John McCain Deserves to Plan His Own Funeral His Way

Other opinions on it are neither needed nor wanted. In other words, mind your own business.

Sen. Orrin Hatch had some advice for Sen. John McCain after learning that McCain’s wishes for his funeral are that President Trump not attend. "Well, he's the president of the United States and he's a very good man. But it's up to [McCain]. I think John should have his own wishes fulfilled with regard to who attends the funeral," Hatch advised. He also said that he thinks “it’s ridiculous” that McCain would not want Trump at his funeral, and that if it were him, he would reconsider inviting Trump.

After being bombarded with negative feedback for saying this, Hatch has since stated that he “shouldn’t have said anything” about the issue. He’s absolutely correct. Our culture is suffering from an epidemic of narcissism, wherein people believe that what they think about every single issue matters, and this is just one example of that. It’s irrelevant how educated the person is about an issue, what the issue is, or even whether the issue is a very personal one that is absolutely no one else' business. People seem to think it’s their right, or their duty even, to be sure that everyone hears their opinion on everything. The social media age has spawned an age of narcissism.

In this case, it is absolutely no one’s business but McCain who should be at his funeral. If he does not want to invite the man who said that the only reason McCain is a “war hero” is because he was captured, and that he doesn’t “like people that were captured,” that is certainly his right, and his final wishes should be respected. No one else’s opinion on this decision matters at all. I'm quite certain that every person who has criticized McCain over this would expect the same respect for their final wishes as well. He fought for this country, spending 5 1/2 years in a brutal prisoner of war camp in North Vietnam; he fought for what he thought was right in the Senate, even if you or I don't agree with everything he stood for; he's now fighting brain cancer. He shouldn't have to fight over his own funeral arrangements.

John McCain, as a pilot, fought for his country; as a POW he suffered for his country; and as a politician he spoke for his country. In each case, his actions have been dictated by his conscience. Whether you agree or disagree with anything he has done, he has done them all honorably. This is his final act of conscience: a personal and political parting shot.

If anyone has, he has earned the right.



I will agree that he can do whatever he likes, and should be able to. If he broadcast those plans for public consumption, then anyone is free to criticize or agree. If he doesn't want that, then share them with his family and friends and make sure they deliver the appropriate message when the time comes.

There is nothing but honor in McCain's military service. A man that spent 5.5 years as a POW and refused early release because it was being used as a publicity stunt and he didn't think it right to leave his men, deserves all of the praise and honor that we can give. At the same time, he also has decades of service beyond that. No manner of sacrifice makes a politician immune to criticism of future acts.

McCain's political career is one of self-serving narcissism, arrogance and disdain for anyone that disagreed with him, especially if they were from the Republican party. He is power hungry and just won't let it go. It is the only reason he hangs on to his seat, in his health, in a feckless, worthless Senate. It isn't like the GOP is moving mountains and McCain is the only one that can keep it going. What may have began as a desire to serve his fellow countrymen, morphed into an exercise of self-importance. The mark of a great man is knowing when to hang it up. Too many stay past that point and tarnish their legacy, Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden, as compared to Steve Spurrier and Bob Stoops. McCain passed his by at least a couple of decades.

King David was a man after God's own heart, but it is perfectly acceptable to criticize his adultery and murder. That tarnished his legacy in addition to the turmoil that resulted in his life. If we can hold King David to account, we certainly can hold John McCain to account.

McCain's later career was full of campaigning as a conservative, only to screw us over on every issue. Any controversial subject, would end up with McCain on the wrong side, or severely watering down what was passed. I don't think McCain's Senate career involved doing what he thought was best for America, but what was best for John McCain and puffing up his own ego.


I have always found Sen McCain too Liberal for my taste. I have strongly disagreed with him especially when he called us, the Tea Party, "wacko birds!" On the other hand he was a War Hero and Trump disgraced him with his slanderous remarks so I wouldn't want Trump at my funeral either!


If McCain doesn't want my opinion about his funeral arrangements, he should keep them to himself or within his family circle and out of the purview of the public eye. It is the height of a narcissistic act to plan one's elaborate state funeral, which is out of the grasp of most patriotic veterans and POW's, especially considering that these plans contain controversial details that seem designed to generate sensationalized reactions. McCain is a bitter old man who needs to concentrate on eternal life and ensuring his heart and mind are clear.

HeatherMoon, Amen!