Please go away. The rush to "do something" leads to really bad conclusions. The AR-15 is a lot of people's choice for home defense. I prefer the unplugged pump 12 gauge, personally, but to each his own. Before enacting any legislation, it must do 2 things: 1. Be Constitutional 2. Actually have real data demonstrating how it is going actually help. Otherwise, it is a rush to action and a bad move. Most of the time, our politicians do not anticipate or care about the unintended consequences of their actions. A good move would be to actually implement the protections we have in place. 4 different government agencies were aware of the shooter and his threat level and no one did anything. The existing systems are failing to do their job. Why don't we focus on improving that before adding new layers of bureaucracy and banning certain firearms as a knee jerk reaction. One life is too many, but implementing the wrong solution that doesn't work just leads to a false sense of security. When that doesn't work (which it won't), then the calls just increase to do more, ban more. Instead of doing more, let's do what we are already supposed to be doing better. The real problem is mental illness and evil. As long as we focus on the weapon, we miss the real problems. I would agree that we should be legally selling guns to a mentally disturbed individual with credible evidence that he is a real threat to himself and others. That deserves exploring as to how and why that was allowed. However, does anyone think he couldn't have bought one on the black market? Or used a bomb? Or poison? Or any number of other things that can kill large numbers of people?

You say the real problem is "mental illness and evil," and yet, those two things exist in every other country in the world without resulting in the type of outrageous, violent murder of innocents that we see in America with horrifying regularity. I wonder why that is?

Xanthippe: What news are you reading that doesn't list any outrageous violent murder of innocents in other countries in the world?I suppose if you don't want to see it, it fits the narrative you desire