Joe Arpaio shakes up campaign... with "bcc fail," ex-Ward comms director

Joe Arpaio has shaken up his Senate campaign. Just maybe not very... well.

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has shaken up his Senate campaign amid potentially sagging poll numbers.

While a Gravis poll conducted between June 27 and July 2 showed the convicted-but-pardoned figure with 24 percent of the GOP primary vote, a more recent ABC 15/OH Predictive Insights poll from July 23 through July 25 shows Arpaio with just 15 percent.

Enter a new campaign manager, Chris Hegstrom, who conducted media relations for Arpaio in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department. Also on board are a new Senior Strategist and Communications Director- who seems to have failed in her first task out of the gate, copying, rather than blind-copying- a ream of media figures on a press release announcing the shake-up.

According to the press release that was cc'd to about fifty reporters and media personalities, "the Arpaio campaign also announced the hirings of Dustin Stockton as Senior Strategist and Jennifer Lawrence as Communications Director. The couple held almost identical positions with the Ward campaign before a bitter falling out last year. The couple is known for their aggressive media and messaging programs."

The press release described it as "a move that’s sure to raise eyebrows"- something it seems to have accomplished with the cc'ing of the recipients.

Communications professionals generally try to "bcc" recipients of emails only, so that who they're communicating with is obscured, and so that private email addresses for major figures in conservative media- some of whom feature on the Arpaio distribution list- are not shared outside the campaign. Not bcc'ing recipients is casually referred to in the public relations industry as a "bcc fail"- something nearly every communicator manages every so often, but which rarely occurs when big releases are sent out.

Democratic Strategist and Chief of pro-immigration advocacy group Todd Schulte called "open-CC'ing on a mass email," as occurred here, "a horror of [t]he modern age" hinting at the frequency with which such mistakes occur.

Among the recipients of the press release were Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Mark Steyn, Chris Ruddy, Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily and birtherism fame, Michelle Malkin, and Daily Beast author Lachlan Markay who tweeted the "bcc fail" news.

It also appears that the release announcing the new hires was sent out so hastily that a "" email address could not be set up for Lawrence. The release refers reporters to a plain vanilla gmail account.

Arizona's primary is on August 28. If Arpaio is to best front-runner Martha McSally, he'll need to scoop up votes before then, something his campaign shakeup press release suggests he believes he has ample time to accomplish.

“I’ve run enough races to know that a lot can change in the month leading up to the election,” Arpaio is quoted as saying in the release.

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Early on I sent McSally a campaign contribution. She can win in what will be a very competitive race to November's general. Joe is a certain loser.


joe was a police thug, is a trump footwasher, and is a nasty, self righteous bully!!! GET LOST!!!!!


Sheriff Joe did a great job as Sheriff. Even the liberal Bernie supporters miss him. But, with his continuation of the birther nonsense, there is no way I will vote for him in the primary. I think Ward is plain crazy. Which leaves McSally.

E.E. Bokbok
E.E. Bokbok

Who will Trump endorse in that race? That's all that matters in almost any GOP primary (with Roy Moore being a notable [and temporary] exception).

If Trump endorses Arpaio, then Arpaio wins. It's that simple.

Trump is one of the most popular Republican presidents (among Republicans) in history. Lots of beltway pundits can't get their head around this, but that's the sorry start of the GOP voting base.