Jimmy Kimmel VS. Sean Hannity shows how far our political discourse has sunk.

When millionaire talk show hosts insult each other like schoolchildren, it's time to dial it back a little.

There is an old political proverb that states "Never try to mud wrestle with a pig. You'll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it."

I can't think of a better analogy for the Jimmy Kimmel/Sean Hannity Twitter feud that erupted over the weekend. Except in this case, you have TWO pigs wallowing around in the mud.

For me personally, picking a side in this inane argument was like choosing sides in the Iran/Iraq war. Like picking between Ohio State and Penn State in football. Like choosing between Trump and Hillary - well, you get the idea. I have both "gentlemen" on my list of "People who I USED TO admire." It's a long list. A VERY LONG LIST. Kimmel hasn't been funny since he and Adam Corolla co-hosted "The Man Show" together. Since Trump was elected, he's become a sanctimonious, liberal prig. As for Hannity, I quit watching him about halfway through 2016 because I was afraid that he and Trump were going to start making out on the air, and that was something I did NOT want to witness!

Oh, sorry. Apparently I'm being homophobic with that statement.

This whole mess started last week when Hannity supposedly took offense at Kimmel making fun of First Lady Melania Trump's accent. After which followed a whole lot of banter on Twitter along the lines of "I know you are, but what am I?" Their comments sounded like 2 twelve year olds accusing each other of liking girls. Totally childish. And then all the Twitter trolls had to jump in on it, insulting both hosts, each other, Melania Trump, her husband, Hillary and Bill Clinton, liberals, Fox News and apparently everything and everybody under the sun except the Sweet Baby Jesus (but I didn't read ALL of the comments so I might have missed that one.)

Really, is this what we have become? First of all, what Kimmel said wasn't nice. You shouldn't make fun of people for speaking with an accent. A good liberal like Jimmy Kimmel should know that. Whatever you think of the First Lady or her husband, she's in a position she clearly didn't ask to be put in and is doing her best to cope with grace. I think everybody should cut her some slack until she starts messing with the school lunch program or decides to run for Senator from New York, in which case all bets are off.

But really, was his comment THAT offensive? Aren't we being a little "snowflakey" here, Sean? It's not like he called her the "C Word" or anything. For all of you that got your panties in a wad about it, I'm assuming you were equally offended by the "Life's a B****, Don't Vote For One" T-shirts they were selling at the Republican convention in 2016. And the Hillary nutcrackers.

I have been absolutely appalled at the comments people have made about the first ladies in recent years. I had to sit next to someone at a Republican luncheon that went on about how Michelle Obama was really a transvestite. I have a family member who honestly believed she didn't give birth to her two daughters. I have a liberal friend who found a moral equivalence between Laura Bush causing a fatal car crash as a teenager and Ted Kennedy leaving a young woman to suffocate.

When did we all become such jerks? Can we not at least agree to leave innocent women and children out of the fray?

For his part, Kimmel at least has issued an apology.

Hannity has promised a response on his show tonight.

Whatever I think about Jimmy Kimmel, I have no ill-will towards his wife and children. Why does that even need to be said? Are we really at the point where it's OK to call for the death of a child just because you disagree with his father's political opinions?

Trump supporters are not prepared to accept Kimmel's apology. A petition to boycott him has received over 150,000 signatures. I thought boycotts over Twitter comments were a dangerous threat to free speech in this country, but apparently that was LAST WEEK when we were talking about Laura Ingraham.

Maybe I'm in the minority in hoping for a return to decorum in our civil discourse. But if things keep devolving at the current rate, our next presidential debate will be conducted MMA style. And it will be cable only due to the violence and obscene language.

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Kimmels statement certainly wasn’t an apology.


There's a sucker born every minute. These two clowns are playing everyone. They are feeding their tribe and their tribe is rallying behind them for it. Both are laughing all the way to the bank at the fools that care about such foolishness as two grown men insulting each other over Twitter.


So, let's get this straight. This is an article in which you lambaste (rightfully) two 'talk show hosts' (whom I equally both avoid) for getting in the 'mud', and to prove your point include this comment:

"As for Hannity, I quit watching him about halfway through 2016 because I was afraid that he and Trump were going to start making out on the air, and that was something I did NOT want to witness!

Oh, sorry. Apparently I'm being homophobic with that statement."

There is a part of me that wants to say, "Pot, meet kettle!" Didn't you just do EXACTLY the same thing in an article written to COMPLAIN about such behavior?

<scratching head>