Jimmy Carter to Dems: Don’t Veer Too Hard to the Left

The former president, not exactly known for moderation himself, worries about turning off independent voters.

Theres an old saying in DC poliics: If youve lost Jimmy Carter...

Well, not really. I just made that upbut thats likely to be the big takeaway with most people when it comes to the current platform of the Democrat Party, which on the political spectrum lies somewhere between Bernie Sanders-style socialism and Fidel Castro-style socialism, with a sprinkling of Swedish-style socialism that even the Swedes are now starting to reject. Nowhere is a defense of free markets and capitalism to be found, not even in a begrudging kinda-sorta way that pays lip service the source of Americas good fortune even as they decry its flaws. On the contrary, the Dems seem bound and determined to throw the baby out with the bath waterwithout even acknowledging there was a baby there in the first place.

Unto this breach steps Jimmah, who cautioned a crowd at his presidential library in Atlanta about the perils of embracing a full-on leftist agenda:

> Independents need to know they can invest their vote in the Democratic Party, Carter said Tuesday during an address at his post-presidential center and library in Atlanta, according to The Associated Press.

> He urged the party to focus on moderate policies and said Democrats should not move to a very liberal program, like universal health care.

> Carter, who supported progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Democratic presidential primary against Hillary Clinton in 2016, said progressives would not sacrifice their goals by voting for a moderate and that only a Democrat would address their concerns.

> He also addressed concerns that moving toward the center would cost Democrats votes from the progressive wing.

> I dont think any Democrat is going to vote against a Democratic nominee, he said.

Me, Im not so sure. Weve got leftists out there who have gone so far around the bend that one of them tried to reenact the Jets vs. Sharks switchblade rumble from West Side Story, only with a Republican candidate for Congress, and another guy who actually shot himself as a form of protest against Donald Trump. Is it really that hard to imagine these kind of voters either staying home or going with the Green Party if the prospects on the ballot arent progressive enough for their taste?

Besides, I really think that Carter has already missed the boat on this one. Where was this friendly advice two years ago, after Trump shocked the world and beat Hillary Clinton? That should have been a wake up call for Democrats everywhere to moderate their positions on the issues that swept Trump into office in the first placethings like unchecked illegal immigration and the problems of people in the American heartland. Instead, they took a long, hard look at what happened, decided to invent a Russian collusion narrative to explain it away, and then piled on even more of the same-old-same-old that the voters rejected in the first place.

In other words, Jimmah, youre a day late and a dollar short here.

Still, his warning does illustrate just how interesting are the times in which we live. I mean, think about it: The man occupying the Oval Office is probably the least conservative, least ideological Republican ever to be elected president, and yet he has enacted probably the most conservative agenda seen since Ronald Reagan. On the other hand, we have a seriously progressive former president urging his fellow Democrats to steer back to the middle of the road. If I didnt know better, Id swear we had all slipped through a black hole and ended up in some bizarro world where everything was backwards.

Then again, maybe we have...

No. 1-3

"and yet he has enacted probably the most conservative agenda seen since Ronald Reagan." ... Wat? War on trade, higher taxes through tariffs, bump-stock ban, nepotism, more socialism for farmers, spreading his cheeks for enemy foreign powers (Putin, Jong-un, Saudi Arabia, Erodogan, etc, etc, etc), stabbing allies in the back (NATO, Kurds, etc, etc, etc), record setting deficits... the list goes on and on. Trump governs as a cut and run, Cindy Sheehan / Code Pink style Tucker "Maybe free markets aren't so great" Carlson style populist. Populism =/= conservatism. He doesn't think. He doesn't like to think. He governs by emotion... and his main emotion is protecting his fragile ego. That justifies his sneaking around with prostitutes and Russian mobsters, and lying about it after... constant, endless lying. He's nothing like Ronald Reagan. Nothing at all.

Still Jules
Still Jules

What Carter is really saying to the Left is "Watch it....you're starting to let the real Leftist agenda show through. You have to hide it behind "moderate" policy promises and act a little less insane, because most people won't vote for the reality of what we stand for. There's a reason most Democrats run as conservative---they know they won't get elected if they run on their true agendas."


If Jimminy Carter of all people thinks you're too crazy a progressive for the Democrat Party... you are genuinely certifiable.