Jim Carrey’s Right About Socialism – Hollywood Should Definitely Do It

If Jim Carrey believes so much in socialism, it's time Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens gets his cut of Carrey's wealth.

By now most everyone has heard or read about former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens working as a bag boy at Trader Sams.

Most everyone has heard how the photograph led to a rash of job shaming and mockery of Owens, seemingly working below his pay grade since he was from Hollywood.

Most everyone has heard how remarkable Owens was in response to the situation, calling for a new awareness that work is good and that every job is worthwhile and valuable.

Most everyone has heard how the woman who originally took the picture of Owens at his job regrets having done so.

Most everyone has heard how Nicki Minaj has thrown $25,000 his way while Tyler Perry offered him work work that Owens has accepted.

But theres something that has just stuck with me as Ive thought about this story, particularly after Hollywood star Jim Carrey shot his mouth off about the glories of socialism just a couple days ago. Carrey crowed to Bill Maher,

> We have to say yes to socialism to the word and everything. We have to stop apologizing.

Those sentiments will make Carrey right at home amongst his friends. There are very few places in America that are further left-of-center than Hollywood. Call it overcompensation for their opulent wealth mainly accumulated as a result of their ability to play make-believe parts on TV, but Hollywood is crawling with socialists.

Remember it was the socialists and communists attempting to infiltrate the Screen Actors Guild in the late 1940s that led Ronald Reagan down a path of conversion to conservatism. If there are any Americans to be found standing in solidarity with communist/socialist thugs of the third world, you can count on them being from Hollywood. And when avowed socialists run for office in the United States, they get their biggest checks from Tinsel Town.

So it got me thinking (and Im sure Im not the first to think of this), if Carrey and company are so devoted and so enthralled to the greatness and grandeur of socialism, why dont they model it for us? Carreys yearly profits could be redistributed to provide Geoffrey Owens and every other struggling actor in Hollywood far more than a living wage.

This shouldnt be a ridiculous or an outrageous suggestion. Hollywood cuts checks and hosts lavish fundraisers for leftist politicians all because they claim to support these redistributionist economic schemes. But there is nothing preventing them from putting their money to better use convincing the entire country of the value of socialism by modeling it in their own community.

The many unions in Hollywood perhaps the Screen Actors Guild itself could act as the governing body for redistribution. No more obscene checks for leading roles in blockbusters, Jim. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Every acting job is necessary, level, and worthy of equal compensation.

If Jim Carrey and Hollywood are so in love with socialism, its time for them to prove it. Geoffreys waiting for his cut.

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well, i wonder if there are enough "you blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things" awards to go around for the comment-gencia that pecked out their empty-headedness here about socialism. while our government is based mostly on capitalistic ideals...it also embraces many socialistic principles. have any of you civics manques ever heard of social security, for starters? actually we need more policies like this one. and if you knew anything about the hard-scrabble, up-coming of jim carrey. you'd know he knows plenty about the "real world." in conclusion, you might want to take your feet out of your mouths, turn off faux news and read a book about the u.s. government. that is...if y'all are citizens.


WHO exactly is the "Republican media onslaught"?

SOCIALISM means: is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and workers' self-management of the means of production as well as the political theories and movements associated with them (WIKIPEDIA)

The exact quote from President Trump is the Democrats want to raid Medicare to pay for socialism.


J Gobells stated infamously"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself".

Mr. Carey who pretends for a living want us to take him seriously..WHY?

With all due respect to Mr. Carey has follows neck deep into one of then following:

  1. he really believes the dribble that comes out of his mouth

  2. he proves "Ignorance is not an excuse for STUPIDITY"

  3. he is a LIAR

You Choose???


Remember, because of the Republican media onslaught from the last 10 years, the word "socialism" means:

"Higher taxes for rich people, a better health insurance system, properly funded Social Security and Medicare, a balanced budget".

By that definition--which again the Republicans have been pushing--then yeah, most Americans are "socialists" now.

Just ask Donald Trump, who has gone full-circle:

"The Democrats want to take away your Medicare so they can pay for their Socialism"


Jim Carrey's net worth is estimated to be $150M and a few years back he sold a home for over $13M. He does not appear to donate additional taxes for government to redistribute, nor does he appear to divest himself of everything beyond his most basic needs to charities. He does give to charities but I would also wager that he hires accountants and lawyers to carefully manage and build his wealth portfolio. Carrey wants his fan base to think he cares about the struggles of the common man without having to actually live like one. He could be for a $15/hr minimum wage, a guaranteed job, free college tuition, free health care, and expanded welfare without giving up his security detail and lavish lifestyle. The real world where Carrey has found great success does not work on handouts or rewarding mediocrity. If he is ashamed about his wealth, I can help him with that....