Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad Makes the Wrong Kind of Splash

One conservationist group is going after Fiat Chrysler for "some bad marketing advice."

Sometimes you can’t win for losing – just ask Fiat Chrysler.

Days after the company’s Ram Super Bowl ad drew criticism for using audio from a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. to sell trucks, the Jeep Cherokee ad from the same night is under fire for depicting a Cherokee driving across a stream.

Chris Wood, President and CEO of Trout Unlimited, is criticizing the Jeep spot, saying that the commercial “glorified” the destruction of fish habitats.

Wood said many of his group's 300,000 members and supporters own Jeeps, but the images were upsetting.

"Fish are tough and resilient critters, but they don't do well with several-thousand-pound vehicles driving over their spawning grounds, tearing up the gravel where they lay eggs," he said. "Why someone would want to put out the idea that you should buy a Jeep so you could drive it up a creek is incomprehensible to me."

Fiat Chrysler has defended the Jeep spot but has also agreed not to run it again. The company’s head of marketing said that the ad agency shot the commercial on private land, as well as a county road that "experiences seasonable runoff."

The explanation and promise not to run the ad again isn’t enough for Trout Unlimited. Wood has already written a personal letter to the CEO of Fiat Chrysler and hopes to start a “dialogue” and “conversation.”

Wood said FCA apparently "got some bad marketing advice" on the Jeep campaign. He said there are plans to connect with a Jeep branch representative for a "broader conversation."

"Hopefully something good will come of this and we can begin a dialogue with Jeep to promote smart use of off-road vehicles as well as conservation of natural resources," Wood said.

It wasn’t that long ago that a simple, “Sorry, we won’t do it again” would suffice. Now, companies have to pay for their sins with a drawn out “broader conversation.” Welcome to You Will Be Made to Care: Environmental Edition, Jeep.

Ah, so then when we drive our 4-wheelers over the snow or through the mud, what about all THOSE critters that are being disrupted? What about the poor birds & bats that must suffer the noise & spewing, belching fumes?

Let's look realistically - how many fish, esp. trout, are going to be in that creek that is shallow enough for a jeep to get through it? Also, since we don't know where this creek is, there very possibly couldn't have even been trout in it! They could more readily been running over red-horse & carp!

I cringed when I saw the ad. Too many people think, "If they can do it so can I" and there goes another fornerly serene setting in God's great world..

Trout Unlimited looking for its 15 min. of fame. I think your 15 minutes is up...

I'm only happy when I have someone to be mad at! Want to know one reason we have kids turning their anger on others, because we've TRAINED them to look for things to be angry about.

Seriously, who in their right mind saw that commercial and immediately though that Jeep was encouraging the destruction of trout habitat? Only people conditioned to find fault in everything other people do. And I'd guess those people see themselves as the standard of what is proper living.