Jail - One Man's Get-Out-Of-Work-Free Card

Did you ever hate your job so much that you'd rather go to prison than work? One man in the Seattle area did.

A 22-year-old arrested for intentionally hitting two people with his car Friday night in Bothell said he did it to change his life and to get out of a job he hated, court documents say.

"I had to change something in my life, so I hit three people with my car," the man told a Bothell police officer. "The intent wasn't to kill but just to injure."

That’s right – a loser from the Seattle metro area purposefully ran over two female pedestrians and tried to hit a third person just to get out of work. One victim was injured badly enough to be taken to the hospital while the others were treated at the scene and released. Fortunately, no one was killed.

I’m sure there are some bleeding hearts somewhere wondering how society failed this would-be killer. They think to themselves, “What went wrong in his life? Maybe it was all a big misunderstanding, because no one would ever intentionally do such a thing.”

So let’s ask: Did he regret his actions afterward? Did he realize the error of his ways, seeing an innocent woman being taken away in an ambulance? Did he feel remorse for nearly killing someone?

No, of course not.

He seemed almost relieved that he was going to jail, the officer wrote. He told the officer he was looking forward to "spending a few years in a room."

"I'm not happy with the direction my life is going. I've been working in the food industry for five years and hate it," he told the officer. "I've been dealing with insomnia for the past couple of months, and it's been horrible."

He told the officer that he felt bad for the people he hit and their families, but said it was a "life experience," court documents say.

"I asked him if it was worth it, and he said 'yeah,'" the officer wrote in court documents.

So, alleged attempted murder is just a “life experience”?

Well, Eli Aldinger, as he’s identified in the police report, will have many new “life experiences” in jail with his new roommates – most of which cannot be described here, since this is a family-friendly website.

On the plus side though, he’ll have plenty of time to catch up on his sleep. He also won’t have to worry about which direction his life is going, because the direction is definitely pointed downward. And much to his relief, all his major and minor life decisions will now be decided for him by the state for the foreseeable future – where and when to live, eat, sleep, bathe, etc.

As for his hatred of working in the food industry, I dearly hope he is assigned to the prison kitchen. Oh, the irony!

This whole event is a perfect summation of the self-centeredness of society today. No one wants to accept responsibility for their actions. People mess up their lives and head down the wrong path, but so many refuse to accept the responsibility to put effort into turning things around.

Mr. Aldinger didn’t like his job? He could’ve quit and found something else to do. He could have gone back to school and learned new skills. He could have moved to another part of the country for new opportunities. Rather than changing his own future though, he risked others’ lives to escape the responsibility. He wanted the police and judicial system to do it for him. He has no concern for the well-being of anyone but himself. It is a reflection of the selfish nature that has seized this generation.

(In a sense, it’s disturbingly reminiscent of people who commit suicide by cop. Get someone else to do the dirty work by endangering others.)

Personal responsibility takes effort and courage, because you have no one to blame but yourself when things go wrong. Thus, many people avoid it out of either laziness or cowardice. They want to pawn off that responsibility onto someone else. If that means harming others in the process, so be it.

In a similar way, this selfish rejection of personal responsibility also drives people to socialism to fix all their problems. Socialists want the government to make their decisions for them in pursuit of utopia. They are angry at the world and expect someone to make them happy. Weaponizing the government to steal on their behalf is easier than putting in their own hard work to make life better. Big Brother is an easy choice in their minds to make that happen, and the bureaucratic elites are all too happy to accept that power. But these individuals don’t just surrender responsibility; they surrender their God-given rights in the process and their futures as well. By the time they realize the stupidity of this (if they ever do), it’s too late.

Whether you are locked in a prison cell or a socialist bureaucracy, the government isn’t letting you out.

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Bring in the therapists. Hellooo. Try to figure out why you failed to recognize his erratic behavior when he was in 6th grade 10 years ago. He will be glorified by the MSM, get exclusive interviews on 60 minutes, make movies and documentaries with the freaks and goons of Hollywood, write books about societal failure for the NYTimes, be on late nite talk shows with other social failures, and write songs with the drug crazed pot headed tattooed freaks of that world. How in the hell did we get to this point? God bless the USA.


Depression my FOOT! He's 22 years old! Go find something to do! I'll bet he lives in mommy's basement, eats mommy's food, drives car at least insured by mommy, probably a HS dropout & expects someone to be paying him $15/hour to flip burgers, then goes home (mommy's home) sits in front of the game screen & plays until 3am...


It sounds as if this guy was experiencing some serious depression...


Sane people don't do things like this. I'm guessing this guy has a screw loose.