'It's a Scam Site': BBB Gives Big Baller an 'F' and Lavar Doesn't Care

"It is a SCAM Site and the Company is run by Criminals!" says a customer, 102% negative reviews.

Is it even possible to have more than 100% negative reviews? Apparently it is with Big Baller Brand. Lavar Ball's shoe and apparel seller, once the darling of sports media for being a go-getter example of industriousness, is buried under a big fat "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. The site has 44 total reviews, with 45 negative and zero positive.

If you'll remember, basketball dad and total schmuck Lavar Ball dissed President Trump for springing his UCLA freshman son LiAngelo Ball from a lengthy prison stint for shoplifting in China. The elder Ball used this idiotic exchange to promote his brand.

Turns out, Ball is not just a schmuck, he's a scam artist who doesn't deliver goods after he takes people's money, and believes that customer service is an outdated concept.

“Better Business Bureau is as outdated as the Yellow Pages,” LaVar Ball said, in a text, to ESPN. “Who cares about them? Tell them that Yelp! has replaced the Better Business Bureau. We honestly thought the Better Business Bureau was out of business. The new BBB stands for the Big Baller Brand.”

Read some of the comments from the BBB site if you need any reason to not give them money. If you do order something, go outside and roll 2 dice. If you roll double-sixes, you might get your product. If you don't, oh well...but you won't get your money back either.

Even being charitable, it's shameful to run a company where customer service consists of sending the same email with the same undelivered and unshipped tracking number after taking people's money.

Do yourself a favor and do not order Big Baller Brand anything. Lavar Ball couldn't coach a flea circus or run a one-man valet service.

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At what point does this rise to the level of criminality? More to the point, at what point does law enforcement act on the criminality of taking money and not delivering goods? As for the Balls, they are both lowlifes relatively famous only due to the prison sentence of the son and the rudeness of the father. They seem to think these two negatives have elevated them to some elite status.


So apparently the shoplifting in China was just a son emulating his father.


"Some people are so stupid, they have to stay that way."(Bill Britt)