It doesn't matter whether or not Jesus was an illegal immigrant

Jesus commands us to love our neighbor and show mercy. Are we still asking who our neighbor is?

The story of family separation at the United States' southern border continues to unfold despite the media's attention temporarily drifting to the President's SCOTUS pick. The U.S. government and various foster agencies have made progress in uniting children under the age of 5 with their parents, but there is still much work to be done. Paula White, one of President Trump's spiritual advisors, recently spoke with CBN News after visiting Youth for Tomorrow, a foster facility in Virginia caring for unaccompanied immigrant children.

In the interview, White spoke in favor of stronger border security, citing the fact that many children are trafficked across the border and burdened with crippling debt as a result. Her thinking goes in line with most conservative talking points, mainly that stronger border security will stymie the human and drug trafficking taking place across the border while creating official points of entry into the United States where those fleeing violence can seek asylum. There certainly is a moral and compassionate case for stronger border security, despite much of the media's attempts to claim otherwise. Later in the interview, White discussed how she believes the Bible speaks to this issue.

"I think so many people have taken Biblical scriptures out of context on this to say stuff like, 'Well, Jesus was a refugee,' and yes, he did live in Egypt for three and a half years, but it was not illegal," White explained. "If he had broken the law, then he would have been sinful and he would not have been our Messiah."

The evangelical community is divided on border security, which is a deeply nuanced issue. The interplay between the staggering needs of those seeking safety in the United States, the limited resources to meet those needs and the criminal activity that can sometimes accompany illegal immigration is hard to sort out. In response to this, some in the evangelical community have regrettably focused on splitting hairs regarding who exactly God commands us to love instead of on living out God's call to show uncommon compassion and generosity. Instead of searching their own hearts, they justify themselves by classifying those they're called to love. Legal immigrants vs. illegal immigrants. Refugees vs. lawbreakers. Asylum seekers vs. criminals. While there are certainly legal distinctions between these groups, there are no distinctions given in God's command to show mercy.

The talking points of these evangelicals echo that of an expert in Jewish law that once confronted Jesus during his ministry. In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus teaches that one must love God and love their neighbor to inherit eternal life. In response, the expert asks him who, technically speaking, his neighbor is, hoping that only those who are easy for him to love are his neighbors. It is then that Jesus presents the famous Parable of the Good Samaritan, in which a man on the margins of Jewish society shows radical compassion to his neighbor who had been robbed and beaten, with a concluding exhortation to "go and do likewise."

There are a number of valid points in favor of strong border security, but claiming that Christians are off the hook for loving illegal immigrants isn't one of them. God also sees through our attempts to justify ourselves – or the decision we made at the ballot box in 2016. The reality is, voting for Donald Trump was neither an act of hatred nor love toward immigrants. The same applies to a vote for Hillary Clinton. Wanting a secure border isn't hateful in itself, and wanting open borders isn't loving in itself.

The crisis at the border is staggeringly tragic, and it should make Christians of any political party pause and search their hearts. If anyone finds themselves in a state of cognitive dissonance, that's okay. Don't split hairs and recite technicalities in an attempt to justify yourself. Instead, let that cognitive dissonance drive you to prayer, where the Holy Spirit can reveal the truth to you.

In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus gave an example of Biblical, neighborly love that didn't involve supporting a political candidate. It instead involved the Samaritan going out of his way, putting himself in danger and spending his time and resources to help a man he didn't know. He didn't point the finger at those who passed by without helping, and he didn't take the time to determine whether or not he should show love. He just did it. For all he knew, he could have been helping a criminal who was on the losing end of a scuffle, but that didn't matter. His priority wasn't on being justified, it was on showing mercy. Jesus tells us to go and do likewise.

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The migration from Nazareth to Bethlehem was in obedience to Roman law. But any connection between the illegal invasion of the USA across the southern border is really far removed from the movements of the Lord Jesus.

Paul C
Paul C

@Jules -- You should start a dedicated blog just about me. Nobody will read it, but maybe you can advertise it as something else and get a few hits.


We can never tell if Paul C is as stupid as he appears to be, or is just so lacking in a sense of personal dignity that he is willing to don the fool's mask and read its script. Not that it matters.

He started off with an accurate comment on how and why some children in the United States are separated from their parents, but then he didn't just lurch over into wild Leftist rhetoric, he dove in head first. "Anyhow, this all has nothing to do with the specific, targeted, punitive and intentional policy by Trump to separate children from their parents as a political red meat for his base.:" He doubled down on his lies in his later post, saying

"HAHA, "the policy wasn't started by Trump".

Actually, Session specifically announced the policy to Trump's racist base a few months before as a punitive measure. "

He just piles lie upon lie upon lie. The policy was NOT started by Trump, but had been in place for years. Sessions announced that the old policy would be enforced. There was never a hint of an intent for this to be "punitive". No one ever said it was.

It IS a "specific" policy, and it IS a "targeted" policy. That is, it is specific to people who arrive at the border with children, and it does not "target" people who did not. But it is not punitive. It is not designed to punish parents by taking away their children. Paul C will never admit this, just as he will never admit that reversing Roe would not make abortion illegal, and it will be up to us to decide if he is just that stupid, or just that dishonest. Not that it matters.

The truth about child sequestration has been told, and it has been ignored. We can't make those addicted to lies and hate consider anything that might modify that hate or rebut those lies, because these are things that are essential to the very existence of people like Paul C.

What we see is a willingness, even an eagerness, to have people continue to abuse children by using them as pawns to try to game the US immigration system. We see the EO by Obama as an encouragement to engage in this kind of child abuse, offering a reward for dragging children across countries, in conditions ranging from discomfort to danger to deadliness, to use them to try to gain access into the United States. We see these children arriving hungry, thirsty, terrified, confused and often in the company of human traffickers who have borrowed or even bought them to use them and then discard them. The tragedy is that they are even THERE.

The Left appears to be in favor of taking the word of people who show up with children and leaving the children with these adults, without doing anything to protect them, without even bothering to find out if these adults are their parents or relatives. The Left appears to be quite comfortable with the knowledge that there are about ten thousand children abandoned to the streets after they have served their purpose in getting adults across the border, and with the fact that many of these already-trafficked children are then sex slaves.

But Paul C is afraid we might not notice how insane he is, so he kindly offers us additional proof. "Trump simply dubbed all of the people coming over the border without paperwork "criminals" ----as if the word is not appropriately applied to people who break the law. No, he tries to finesse this particular kind of criminal activity as merely "crossing over the border without paperwork". (I'm sure if there was a political agenda at work he would define bank robbery as merely "withdrawing money without paperwork" and then object to the robbers being treated as criminals.)

Then the trap door to his mental cellar opens up and we can peer down into the murk and see some of the blind loathing of millions of people seething in its toxic stew as he describes people who want to protect these already-abused children as "...disgusting deplorable vile racist pieces of crap..."

He is all wound up now, the lie-fueled adrenaline pumping, so he goes off into even more overheated hyperbole, screeching ",,,Trump has been trying and trying to portray these people as violent criminals, portraying them as murderers and rapists and disease-infested animals.." Well, the president did refer to the actual murderers and rapists who are also illegal aliens, but never referred to any group of people as "disease-infested animals". That is all Paul, the same guy who came up with and relished the description of millions of Americans as "...disgusting deplorable vile racist pieces of crap..." Hmmmm--"deplorable". Now where have we heard that before.......?

And of course, as he projects his own racism onto others, he pretends that our immigration laws are only directed toward Hispanics. Nonsense. We have seen proof that our porous southern border, in particular, has been crossed by illegals of all races and nationalities, and the same laws apply to all of them. If people of other races and countries don't engage in child abuse so they can play the "Drag a Kid, Get A Pass" game implemented by Obama it doesn't mean they are treated any differently than any other criminal breaking our laws by trying to get into the country illegally.

Sadly, his raging insanity and irrational hatred are quite common on the farthest fringes of Leftist lunacy. There is not only no respect for the truth, it is quite blatantly tossed aside as merely a speed bump in their wild ride through Crazytown.

Paul C
Paul C

If the "proper channels" actually recognized our country's founding principles of liberty for all people and wasn't driven by racism, then there would be no problem.

Trump has made it clear: the problem with Hispanic immigrants is that they will come here and vote for the Democrats. Yes, he said that. Just as Ann Coulter has been saying for years. It's vile racist crap, and it's now the official policy of the United States. Welcome to the Republican Party of 2016 onwards.