Is This The End Of The Democrat Party As We Know It?

Or will they continue to hide behind the same old myths that have been supporting them for decades?

Brandon Straka is starting a revolution. I don’t like to jump in the middle of identity politics, but it is somewhat relevant to tell you that he is a gay hairdresser from New York, and was a Democrat most of his life. However, he has had a great awakening, and as a result, he has launched the going viral #WalkAway campaign. Straka will tell you that “it’s so much more than JUST a hashtag.

If you watch his viral video that launched the #WalkAway movement, you will learn that Straka is sick of the way that the left has run headlong into radicalism, embracing identity politics, oppression, censorship, name-calling, hatred, bigotry, fascism, etc. Straka was a Democrat because he believed the line that the Democrats are the party of unity, love, tolerance, inclusiveness, and compassion. These are the values that he holds dear, and therefore, he aligned with the party that everyone knows embodies those values.

However, he has since had an awakening that in fact, the left is the exact opposite of those values. Straka then learned that the right is actually a much better embodiment of these values, and once his blinders came off, he realized that the right would actually embrace a gay man like himself, despite what he had been told all these years. He is now evangelizing a message that speaks to everyday people like him who have been misled into believing the opposite of reality.

It has not been smooth sailing. In fact, he recently was refused service by an employee at a camera store in New York who accused him of being part of the Alt Right. Straka told the gay man that he would love the chance to sit with him and explain the truth of the #WalkAway movement to him, because he completely empathizes with how the man feels, but he was rebuffed. Still, Straka holds hope that this negative encounter can open new opportunities for him to spread his message of love and inclusiveness to the gay community. This is what his movement is about.

Straka is being accused of being a Russian bot by some on the left who feel threatened by the growing movement of Democrats who are finally waking up to the truth of the oppressive nature of their party. There are also those on the right who doubt the authenticity of the movement, believing that Straka and others who have joined his movement are Democrat plants to stir up dissension or somehow make fools of Conservatives. It should be noted that a new book out by Salena Zito and Brad Todd called “The Great Revolt” surveyed voters in the Rust Belt after the 2016 election and found that nearly one third of those who voted for Trump said that they had voted at least once for Obama. Clearly, the movement away from the left has been happening for some time now, and Straka seems only to be encapsulating the feelings in an appealing way. In fact, others have preceded him, just without as much of a viral effect. Dave Rubin and other members of what is being called the Intellectual Dark Web are known for their intellectual freedom and intellectual honesty in questioning the ingrained beliefs about both parties and seeking the truth instead. The IDW has, as Straka’s movement has, empowered many former leftists to reject the radical nature of the left in favor of more conservative or Libertarian principles.

The bottom line is the same: the Democrat party has jumped the shark and gone too far to the left, embracing a socialistic, divisive, fascistic ideology that says you are either with us, or you are the Enemy of all that is Good, and a fast-growing number of Democrats are well and truly done with that. They are realizing that the Republicans actually embrace freedom, liberty, tolerance, inclusiveness and unity, despite what the media narrative is. They simply believe in the rule of law, and in Natural Law, which includes the right to life, liberty, and property. These should be things that everyone can agree upon.

Image credit: Brandon Straka via The Unsilent Minority.

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From Hamilton68:

"The #walkaway movement, a campaign highlighting alleged discord among the left, got a boost this week from accounts linked to Russian influence operations. The first use of the #walkaway hashtag from accounts monitored on Hamilton 68 was noted in early June (a few weeks after the grassroots campaign began), but engagement remained relatively low throughout the month. Activity spiked on July 2, when Hamilton 68 noted 73 unique tweets using #walkaway, and roughly another 50 using related campaign hashtags (e.g. #walkawaymovement). The late engagement suggests Kremlin-oriented accounts are trailers rather than leaders of the campaign, but the high-level of current engagement indicates an effort to astroturf support for the movement and hijack the narrative. This includes several monitored accounts that have changed their handles to include the hashtag, or that have shared their own supposed walkaway moments. The campaign also received a direct boost from Russian propaganda outlets RT and Sputnik, both of which ran stories on the movement."


Its not a 'Revolution' if they continue to 'Californicate' the GOP & drag it to the Left.

We could very well wake up & find ourselves with a choice between the Democratic Socialists and Democratic-Republicans (eg, the GOP rebuilt as a reincarnation of the Truman/Thurmond-era Dems)...


@Jules* My $$$ amount going to the IRS is going up. Calling that a "tax cut" is a lie.

The details are complex, but the bottom line is they get more money from me now than before. You can call it a "tax rate cut along with tax deduction reductions resulting in a net increase for some people". That makes for a bad sound bite though.

For the record I did just vote against another tax increase out here (prop-r). It passed anyway.


Start with the conflation of a "tax cut" with a "tax RATE cut". The federal tax RATE was cut. The federal government has no obligation to structure the tax RATES for the entire nation to accommodate the circumstances of a few that are influenced by their decisions.

If you don't like paying the high taxes of your state, don't come to Uncle Sam begging him to step in and make it better for you. Change the government of your state, your country, your city. Take a look at why your taxes are so high---what are they supporting? If you have decided that you like paying more of your income to support healthy people who just don't feel like working, then don't come running to the feds to compensate you for that decision. If you want your taxes to pay for benefits for illegal immigrants who are only there because they broke the law and now want to line up at the government trough, that's your decision.

But if you don't like it, stop voting in the people who make it happen. And stop whining about being the victims of some vast right-wing conspiracy because the federal government is not subsidizing your chosen life style.

You didn't lose all of your deduction, you just lost whatever is more than $10,000. And everyone across the country has the same rule, the same cap on property tax deductions. The Left is constantly whining that the rich don't pay as much as they "should" but when a measure like this is instituted all of a sudden there is wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

I do note that you eagerly picked up on the troll excuse for ignoring rebuttals of Leftist nonsense---like any good Lefty you just invent some new criteria, such as how many words are acceptable, and then use that to squirm away from inconvenient or unpleasant truths. "Wall of words".....too funny.