Is Mike Pence Right About Abortion?

This isn't about whether Pence is right about wanting to see abortion ended, but if he’s right about when it will end.

The title of this piece probably gives the wrong impression. From a scientific, medical, intellectual, philosophical, logical, constitutional, moral, and Biblical perspective, of course Mike Pence is right that human beings in the womb should not be subject to dismemberment and annihilation simply because they are deemed inconvenient by another human being. That ship sailed, docked, and unloaded a long time ago.

The correct answer about the acceptability of extinguishing human life in the womb hasn’t been a question for rational minds for some time. So I’m not asking if the ardently pro-life Pence is right about wanting to see abortion ended, but rather if he’s right about when it will end. Here’s what he said:

Vice President Pence predicted Tuesday that legal abortion would end in the U.S. "in our time."

"I know in my heart of hearts this will be the generation that restores life in America," Pence said at a luncheon in Nashville, Tenn., hosted by the Susan B. Anthony List & Life Institute, an anti-abortion organization.

Obviously, part of this could be Pence merely saying what his audience wants to hear. Speakers do that from time to time in an effort to improve morale, encourage giving, and inspire continued commitment to the cause.

At the same time, it’s no great secret that youth and energy is clearly on the side of the pro-life movement in America. Every scientific breakthrough that allows humans to survive outside the womb at earlier ages pushes back that asinine and arbitrary line ridiculously known as “viability.” Viability marks what a person can do, not what a person is; and thus it is an appalling measure of who gets to live and who can be killed.

Progressives might have believed that as America became increasingly less religious it would move towards full acceptance and embrace of abortion. Science continues to prevent that from happening.

But at the same time, even the legal prospects of returning the question of abortion to the states to adjudicate – where the issue rested prior to the Supreme Court striking down laws in 50 out of 50 states in their bizarre 1973 Roe v Wade decision – seem dubious at best. Assuming a legal challenge made it to the current Supreme Court, it would likely lose 6-3 with two Republican nominees (Kennedy and Roberts) coming down on the side of the status quo.

Unless both Ruth Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer decide to give President Trump the opportunity to appoint their replacements, the overturning of Roe seems far-fetched. That need not be a discouragement to the pro-life movement as much as an honest observation and statement of reality.

So what can account for Pence’s optimism? Perhaps it’s found in this line:

Pence said future success depends “not so much on those of us who have the privilege of serving in public life as it does on all of you.”

Politicians want to get re-elected. And if the public is content with the status quo on abortion, don’t expect politicians to do anything drastic to change that. There are certainly a few willing to play the part of William Wilberforce, the British politician who single-handedly turned parliament against the slave trade. But they just don’t have the votes. And they don’t have the votes because too many politicians know that a vote for life means losing their job.

After 45 years of legal precedent and cultural acclimatization, abortion is well entrenched in the mindset of the voting public. So much so that individuals who believe in complete emancipation of the unborn are often portrayed as radical as Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, and Abraham Lincoln were regarded for advocating the abolition of slavery.

That won’t change from the top down. It won’t change because a law was properly written or a regulation was surreptitiously added to an omnibus bill. It won’t change because the Supreme Court finally fixes what it screwed up almost a half century ago as they did in the case of segregation.

It will change only because the hearts of the people changed. And that will only happen if those of us convicted by the truth are committed to sharing it in every avenue the God of life provides us.

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"Obviously, part of this could be Pence merely saying what his audience wants to hear..." Pete, you should have stopped after this line.


Abortion is murder, plain and simple. God intended for procreation to be within the boundaries of marriage and to provide us with the opportunity of relationships with our children and the Lord. We are made in Gods image but we dont get to play God with another human being especially the vulnerable in the womb. People slip and slide between the sheets and use abortion as there way out of the responsibility that they create. When it boils down to it, no one wants to pay attention because God is on the back burner in this country. We have booted Him out of our schools, the public square, our families and the bedrooms. I dare say that a Higher Court will be held and not human beings in black robes but the Creator and Sustainer of all things. He will already know what you have done on the issue of protecting the innocent and vulnerable. No amount of man made rules and laws will matter. How you followed His will matter. Love your neighbor, love those in the womb. We are reaping what we have sown in this country. The grief and sadness of mass murder, murder in the streets, fires, floods hurricanes, euthanasia et al .
The sanctity of life in this country means nothing anymore. God will have His say and don't be surprised if you see the lifting of His blessings now. Abortion is murder and shame on politicians of both stripes for using it as a political football and shame on those that claim to be Christians that vote for a wicked agenda of the democrat party.
If you do not fear Gods wrath, you should.


This is politician nonsense. He probably should have phrased it more like "I have a dream".

Younger people are more liberal and less religious so it seems unlikely that they are going to suddenly shift to pro life.

Most people in America want a middle of the road policy on abortion.

And I don't see the supreme court striking it down.

So I think Pence is just telling them what they want to hear.


There is big money in the abortion industry. And, a child is a child whether you have to pay for that child or not.