"InfoWars" slams "Gateway Pundit for Tweeting "fake news."

In other fake news, pot calls kettle black.

Americans always love a clear fight between the good guy and the bad guy. That's why professional wrestling was so popular. That's why the Olympics were a whole lot more fun when it was USA vs USSR. Why they make movies like "Rocky."

But sometimes there's a fight between two bad guys and you really don't have a side to root for. The Iran/Iraq war. The Bloods vs The Crips. Biggie vs Tupac. Ohio State vs Penn State. And today we have the glory of InfoWars vs Gateway Pundit. Jim Hoft of Gateway Tweeted out a headline reading "Broward County Sheriff Accused of Having Affair With 17-Year-Old Girl, Forcing Her to Get Abortion," to which InfoWars replied "This is fake news and @gatewaypundit should be ashamed of themselves for repeating it."

And my response?


Yeah, that's right. The website run by the guy who said that the government is putting chemicals in the water and it's turning frogs gay had the nerve to accuse another website of posting something that was not actually true.

No, seriously. How can you NOT love the irony of InfoWars saying Gateway is "fake news?" That's like Yankees fans saying Phillies fans are obnoxious. That's like Rush Limbaugh calling Oprah fat. That's like Bill Clinton calling out Donald Trump on his affairs.

Sorry, I could do this all day.

But you can see why Gateway has targeted the Broward County sheriff. After all, he had the misfortune to have to clean up a crime scene with 17 murdered kids last week, so clearly he needs more bad publicity. And they managed to get a hold of a picture of him with Hillary Clinton so CLEARLY the man is evil and must be stopped!

Remember when the only time you saw outlandish fake news stories was on the headlines of tabloids like the National Enquirer and The Star? And you only saw those while you were standing in line at the grocery store checkout counter? And maybe if it was a REALLY long line and the old lady ahead of you had 357 coupons and was writing a check you'd pick one up and flip through it for stories about Elvis being spotted at a McDonald's in Fresno or some dude in Louisiana being abducted by aliens.

Man, I miss THOSE days.

Now, the tabloids have gone digital and the headlines keep popping up in my social media feed because I have moron friends who think InfoWars and The Gateway Pundit are actual news organizations. Actually, to be fair to my friends, most of them have no idea what these garbage sites actually are much less who runs them. They just see an alarming headline that one of THEIR friends shared and think everyone needs to know about this (since it's not in the local paper - which is run by liberals who want to keep you from finding out about the secret Zionist conspiracy). They probably didn't even read the story. And that's the whole problem. One fake news story that hit home was "Teacher fired for making pro Trump statements." A friend sent me the Gateway headline because this actually happened in my school system. Rush even shared it. It took some digging because the school had liability issues and wouldn't release a statement as to what she ACTUALLY said, but I was able to find a quote from the local paper. The teacher was fired for telling her students (many of whom were immigrants) "Now that Trump is president y'all are gonna all get deported." That's not a "pro Trump" statement, that's a bigoted and hateful slur. I'm glad they fired her.

I don't know what the bigger danger here is: people believing all this fake news or people becoming so immune to it that they don't believe ANYTHING they see in the news anymore. Or the government threatening to come in and regulate it all. I don't want the government or Mark Zuckerberg deciding what can and can't be posted. I just wish people would have better sense. I mean, just look at the crap headlines on some of these sites and ask yourself: do I want to be responsible for spreading this manure around? And spare me the replies of all the fake news spread by the mainstream media. They're part of the problem too.

I'm not going to read any more of their stories because I don't want to give them the clicks. But my favorite Gateway headline today is "Research finds you're trying to influence people the wrong way."

Well, no kidding.

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@ TomBrown.......really??????


I agree with everything you said Merrie. With regard to two sides you don't want to root for...... 'Ohio State vs Penn State'...... good one! Ha ha ha. You made my day!



Thank you. I keep telling people who point these errors out to me that I am in desperate need of an editor here!


"Man, I miss THOSE days." ... Me too! ... also "me too" on the "Bwhahahahaha!"


"The website fun by the guy...." should read "The website run by the guy..." I think.