InfoWars on its 2nd Strike with YouTube

Can we bring in Chris Sale and get these guys out?

Huh. Apparently YouTube actually DOES have standards. Good to know.

According to CNN, the infamous conspiracy theory group received a "Second Strike" against their YouTube channel for promoting conspiracy theories related to the Parkland school shooting. They posted a video referring to survivor turned activist David Hogg as a "crisis actor," which has been removed by YouTube.

Wait, so YouTube has a rule against promoting conspiracy theories? Have they watched any of these InfoWars videos? That's pretty much ALL Alex Jones does!

InfoWars of course is blaming the mainstream media for this. They called the second strike a "CNN lobbying campaign." They may have a point. After all, YouTube is still running a video where Alex Jones claims that chemicals in the water are turning frogs gay. Apparently, that's not bat guano crazy enough to warrant removal but targeting a kid making the rounds of cable newsrooms is.

The notice served by YouTube states "This is the second strike applied to your account within three months. As a result, you're unable to post new content to YouTube for two weeks," the alert said. "If there are no further issues, the ability to upload will be automatically restored after this two week period." A third strike in a 3 month period will mean termination. I'm sure it will be a blow to their 2 million subscribers if they're cut off like that.

But don't worry, InfoWars will still retain its White House press credentials.

If CNN didn't go after Alex Jones a few months back re: Brian Stelter ("drunk on our children's blood!" "brokeback!!" "pit of HELL!!!"), I don't think they're behind his latest troubles. Strap in and watch the craziest 3 minutes on Youtube:

I'm no fan of that site, or Alex Jones, but if you think that Youtube warning him this way is good, wait until they get to the rest of their conglomeration of conspiracy, or other questionable (to them) content. They have gone after Mark Dice, and deleted some of his videos, the kind that is truthful and funny or sad, politically, and Youtube will do nothing to a social justice warrior's video, the kinds that cause more damage to anyone who will view it. There is a common theme when viewing anything on the internet that applies to Youtube videos, as well. You don't have to view it. That's my "View" on Alex Jones, also. Sometimes I do look at some of his stuff, because it is not all conspiracy stuff, but I do take it with a grain of salt, also. If you think this warning from Youtube is good, you must be for all sorts of limits on speech. Youtube is going down the road to that Brave New World idea about thought. Surely you don't want that, do you? Speech is speech, and the choice of partaking something is still voluntary, isn't it?