In latest Fox News poll, Moore trails Jones by 8 points in Alabama Senate race

Republican Roy Moore trails Democrat Doug Moore by eight points in Alabama

In the latest Fox News poll between U.S. Senate candidates from Alabama Roy Moore (R) and Doug Jones (D), Moore trails his Democrat counterpart by eight points, 50-42. Seven percent of voters were undecided.

Since a Washington Post story opened pandora's box that Moore had allegedly physical and unwanted sexual advances against women in their teens, Moore has quickly dropped in the polls.

Despite Alabama being a strong Republican state, Jones leads Moore behind the strong benefit of young voters and women. Jones is up 91 percent among Democratic voters, while Moore has the support of 78 percent of GOPers.

Overall, the poll seems solid. Among the 649 likely voters, the plus or minus error is 3.5 percentage. Fox News is traditionally strong on polling. That being said, I am eager to know if voters are hesitant to admit they would vote for a dirtbag like Moore publicly.

At the end of the day, I feel bad for the voters of Alabama. Republicans continue to back a horrible man with ungodly character. Roy Moore has no business ever being in public service. In the era of Trump and Moore, Democrats would have a lot a bigger lead if they started nominating candidates that were moderate, pro-second amendment, and pro-life in the south.