Images of an Unhappy John Kelly Prompt an Amazing Response From the White House

Chief of Staff John Kelly seemed to react to President Trump's sharp words for Germany at today's NATO summit.

This is amazing.

By amazing, I mean we have an administration in place that will happily spew such incredible, unbelievable nonsense, and with such ease that it defies logic.

It’s like we’re living in a really bad sitcom.

While in Brussels on Wednesday, at the NATO summit, President Trump did what Trump does and attacked our allies.

Specifically, among the usual ranting about NATO not “paying their fair share,” Trump zeroed in on a deal that allows for a gas pipeline to run from Russia to Germany. Without a hint of irony, Trump said at the summit breakfast that Germany was “captive to Russia.”

There were no reports of anyone spit-taking their coffee across the table, but still…

"If you look at it, Germany is a captive of Russia because they supply," the president said. "They got rid of their coal plants. They got rid of their nuclear. They're getting so much of the oil and gas from Russia. I think it's something that NATO has to look at. I think it's very inappropriate."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was not a happy camper. American lawmakers who heard of the latest round of attacks by Trump were not pleased, either.

Merkel said she remembered a time when Germany actually was “captive of Russia,” so that remark didn’t really go over well.

She and Trump did get an opportunity to talk privately, later.

So Trump attacking allies [again] isn’t the amazing part.

When the initial Trump comment was made, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, sitting at President Trump’s side, was visibly agitated, twisting his mouth into a grimace, looking down, then away.

Facial expression experts who analyzed the video for The Washington Post said Kelly’s body language signaled irritation and displeasure, but not “hardcore anger.”

Some sources have said in recent weeks that Kelly has given up on trying to keep Trump under control and has opted to just let him go until he does something that gets him impeached.

Other sources say Kelly will likely leave his post at the end of the month. He’s stayed on to get through the summit with Putin.

No, that’s not the amazing part, either.

The amazing part came when White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the video of Kelly’s reaction to Trump’s attack.

But White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders offered an explanation for Kelly’s reaction to the Post.

“[Kelly] was displeased because he was expecting a full breakfast and there were only pastries and cheese,” Huckabee Sanders said.

So. Much. Wow.

John F. Kelly is a retired Marine general. In 2003, he led the assault on Baghdad and into Tikrit. I’m having a really hard time believing that he’d act like a jilted debutante over an unsatisfactory breakfast.

I’m not even saying a man like Kelly wouldn’t prefer a pound of bacon, toast, and black coffee over pastries and cheese. What I am saying is that to suggest that the reaction caught on video at the exact moment Trump dissed Germany was because of that does not compute.

I’m saying it was a lie, and it was an unnecessary lie.

I’m saying Sarah Huckabee Sanders is about a tablespoon of crap away from a major fecal event in the White House press room.

I would advise those reporters on the front row to start wearing ponchos.

No. 1-25

Isn’t “look like Baghdad Bob” her job description? So what you’re saying is that she’s doing her job? Talk about Trump’s comments and stop using ad hominem arguments.


hi gunner, nice to see you. It snot been as interesting without our discussions. I think in Cold war US was more willing to pick up the tab for NATO. After Cold war Russia, China, NK are hostile and have nukes. NATO supported US after 9/11 in Afghanistan.

The US works out of UN Sec Council also so as not to go it alone fighting Putin or terrorism. NATO is too valuable for global stability for US to let it go. Most seem willing to pay their share.

Fighting terrorism can involve NATO too.


@ phantonymym: I do, realize that you're messing with me. Be careful of what you try to parodize! Parody, has a way of, making a silly bastard, of all involved! lol be Best!