I'm Scared

The next Star Wars story released its 1st teaser trailer. And oh boy this better be right.

I really want this to be good. It HAS to be good. Or at least better than the story I made up in my own head growing up. Bar none, Han Solo has been my favorite Star Wars character since this shootout scene in A New Hope when I was five.

My adoration of this character continued through the first trilogy, watching each movie hundreds of times on cable movie channels and right up through the moment that ungrateful, evil child Kylo Ren ended his dad. I'll own it. I cried.

So now there is a movie about Han as a young man that is supposedly going to tell us how he became that cocksure criminal with a heart. This should be a great thing for someone like me, right? Maybe.

I am not nearly as well versed in the Star Wars canon as some folks and even I noted the weird manipulations of things as basic as what The Force can do in The Last Jedi. All of a sudden it allowed Leia to float through space and Luke to astral project through galaxies for a final battle.

I think Yoda himself would have been shocked at some of the liberties Disney has taken with the franchise. And porgs? Really? These funky space chickens added nothing to the plot and I think Chewie had the right idea when he barbecued them. But neat merchandising opportunity.

So I am curious about what they are going to do with the iconic character of Han Solo. I am already very meh over the logo. Is it just me or does it look like and advertisement for plastic cups? The first peek was given during the Superbowl:

If I understand this correctly, Han was originally signing up to be part of the Empire? Okay. Clearly that didn't work out. Peek at Woody Harrelson who will play a mentor of sorts for Young Han. Lando is there. Chewie is there. Check. And there's a chick. Hope it's not a love interest. That is Leia's spot.

Then came the teaser trailer:

So we learn Han was an Oliver Twist of sorts running scams from a young age and got kicked out of flight school with the Empire for being a bit rebellious. Okay. Girl looks like like a childhood friend? The Millenium Falcon is there.

I'm still waiting to see if Alden Ehrenreich can pull off the casual cocksureness like Harrison Ford did. His attitude never fully disguised the fact Han was a good guy. Even at five I knew he was a good guy.

The movie is directed by Ron Howard, who is no stranger to making hit movies and has fantasy, sci-fi and action movies on his resume. I generally like his work. So please Opie, don't screw this one up. For life long fangirls like me, it really needs to be right.

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Dave R
Dave R

Woody is always hit or miss. He was great in Zombieland. Take time to watch Empire. Trust me, it's the best. It's also was screwed with the least by Lucas in the Special Editions. Most fans agree that Empire is still the best.


I just don't like Woody Harrelson, but it looks like it might be a good flick. The only Star Wars I remember is the first one..., because I didn't bother watching the others, but the first one was great. Ha! Spaceballs was my real favorite.


@ DaveR Puffins. "Luke's" island was a puffin sanctuary in Ireland. The filmmakers weren't allowed to chase off or potentially harm the puffins, so they computer altered them instead. And it lets them sell and crap-ton of merchandise. Disney win-win. If I have a fear for this movie, it's that they'll make it TOO epic. I don't want Han defeating the Empire or saving the galaxy so some crap. Ideally it'll be more "The Blues Brothers" in space.


At least we have a Star Wars movie with a real director for once. Hopefully Alden Ehrenreich can act since he hasn't really been in anything to show whether he can or not. Donald Glover is a good casting choice for Lando. We'll have to wait and see what the Mother of Dragons is going to do in this.