I Love the Patriots and I'm So Glad They Lost Because of This

I would gladly trade the Patriots never winning another championship for every winning team to give glory to God.

I've always been a Patriots fan, as I've written many times. I was rooting for them last night in the Super Bowl, and until the last second, when Brady's heave into the end zone was not caught by Gronk, I had some measure of faith they could win. I mean, after all, look at the Seahawks and the Falcons.

But I also know that coach Belichick and quarterback Brady would not do what coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Nick Foles did if the Patriots won., The Patriots expect to win, and they're expected to win. They might be hated but winning is what they do. However, Pederson and Foles gave glory to God and to Jesus Christ the Savior of the world.

Spiritually, Tom Brady is all over the map. He's explored just about everything. Brady is not a bad person. He's a good dad (no matter what some media vultures say), a responsible community member, and a respected leader. But Brady has not given public credit to Jesus Christ. And that one thing is more important than any football game or Super Bowl ring.

I would gladly trade the Patriots never winning another championship for every winning team to give glory to God and to Jesus Christ. I'm happy that the Pats lost this game, and that Pederson and Foles were given one of the highest public platforms in America from which to proclaim the Lord.

As the Bible says (words of Jesus, Matthew 20:16), the last shall be first. That's not quite true in football (otherwise, the Cleveland Browns would be receiving the Lombardi trophy), but it's absolutely true that self-important, confident men like Brady and Belichick will not always win, and that the Lord smiles on those who place God first in all things.

I thank God for this loss and pray someone may come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ because of it.

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Now in both of the highest division of football, we have the main players for the championship team acknowledging Jesus, as both Tua Tugavioloa and Jalen Hurts for Alabama did the same as Foles and Pederson. That is something I haven't seen in a long time.


Pederson and Foles both are acknowledging Christ as the giver of salvation and life. Anything that is achieved, is achieved through His grace. In all of my years of playing football (only through high school), I never prayed to win. I never felt like I should ask that God allow me to win over the players on the other team, as in a game, it is a zero sum game. No particular team is "good" and the other "bad" the way you might see in a war for instance. I would ask for the safety of the players and help with playing to the best of my ability. It is good to see men at the highest levels of their profession immediately acknowledge God. Peterson went to the top with "my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". It was intentional and complete.


It would be hard to convince me that God has a lot of care regarding favorite teams in the NFL, and aside from God working out His providence in the normal ebb and flow of all events, including those of the sporting realm, but it is so refreshing to see Foles and Peterson exclaim God’s glory in light of their victory, while at the same time not claiming that God “wanted” them to win (though there would be an interesting discussion on the topic of sovereignty in that dialogue!).

At the same time, how tragic that for a team that has such an amazing representation of true followers of Christ, some fans show their “happiness” through destruction and violence.

“Colossians 3:17
Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” Very thankful that there are some pro athletes who take such admonition seriously and joyfully!