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I got something I gotta get off my chest, folks. As a Millennial, I've gotten REALLY sick and tired of seeing my generation vilified by conservatives. For one, it's incredibly myopic - After all, many of the very people who were responsible for raising us are the ones blaming MY generation for being the the one that shifts blame for things and avoids responsibility!

Listen, if we want to start playing the blame game, there's plenty to go around. Instead of insults and pointing fingers, why not try to engage with my generation instead? I identify as a 'conservatarian' myself, more or less, but believe it or not, I have many friends and acquaintances who identify as Democrats and liberals. Hell, some even voted for Bernie Sanders! And you know why? I'll bet dollars to donuts it's not why you think. The folks I talked to identified with him and his 'cause' because they (mistakenly) thought he was a true believer, and that he practices what he preaches. Many connected with him because, in their minds, he represented Truth in a sea of iniquity and lies. And many support socialist policies because they want Justice, and they (again, mistakenly) think socialism is the best way to get that. So many in my generation are yearning for Truth & Justice, and aren't those fundamental elements of America, the one you and I both want to see restored?

Many in my generation may be misguided, but they are NOT lost - Far from it! And the way to reach them is not to vilify, ridicule and demean them. Talk to them, damn it, and not like you're their moral and intellectual superior, but like they're equals. Talk to them like they're fellow Americans - After all, that's what we are. Talk to them as if you're genuinely curious what they believe, and WHY they believe it. Hell, you should be anyways, frankly! But more importantly, you might be surprised by how much they listen in return, and how much they're willing to give thought to, even genuinely consider, what you have to say. Stop acting like my generation is already lost - That's quitter talk, and it's not even true, either. But it will be if we all give up on them. I'm looking at you too, fellow Millennial right-of-center folks - We can't give up on our brethren either, regardless of how much they make us want to roll our eyes sometimes, hehe ;) But it starts with talking. Not everyone will be willing to talk and discuss things with you, of course, but some will, and that's the beginning. It's about time we got started.

@ekay: Oh absolutely - I think egotism is something that is pervasive throughout our society nowadays, regardless of age or political philosophy. I mainly focused on the angle I did because it's what seems really prevalent on sites like the Resurgent here, where older folks are bashing younger folks, but the inverse is also true, just as widespread, and just as tragic - It just happens elsewhere, which is indicative of the problem, in my opinion. It really should be no wonder that the quality of our leaders has declined so much in recent times, as politics is truly downstream of culture, and our culture IS sick, no doubt.

Anyways, that's my point, though, is that this 'generation war' stuff is fruitless in the end, and is actually harmful to the future of our nation and what we hold dear about it. I would submit that all ages have something they can learn from those who are both younger AND older than themselves. I just wish more people would realize that learning is a life-long process, that nobody has the market cornered on wisdom or truth, and that everybody has something they can learn from someone else, regardless of who it is, how old they are, what their politics are, etc. All I want is reasonably respectful talking and discussion instead of angry accusations and pointing fingers - That's really the whole reason I wrote my article, and I'm encouraged that it's sparked a bit of that kind of discussion here - That's a start :) Anyways, thanks for the comment - I appreciate it!


Thank you for this well thought out article. I shall follow your post in the future as I suspect they will contain much that be of benefit. FYI: I am one of the "older" generation...and I'm VERY glad you are here.

Every generation has faced similar generalizations. Think about the boomers who were chided as anti-establishment and anti-authority. Did that represent all of them? Absolutely not. But then again, look at the generation that has driven us toward socialism: Berne, Hillary, Nancy, etc.

They are generalizations because there are some observational tendencies that don't reflect everyone, but which are somewhat apparent. There's no question that many Millennials are much more easily offended (snowflake syndrome) than previous generations, and as is evident with so many of my kids' peers, many who believe that they are 'owed' something by society.

I am THRILLED that those characterizations don't apply to you. They don't apply to my children, either, and I'm extremely thankful for that. But there are many for whom those generalizations do apply. What's more, it's actually often other Millennials who point that out! Is there anyone more millennial than this:

That said, if you don't like it, then simply "don't be that!" I was part of the generation described as the "Me" generation. In many regards the description fit, but I choose not to live that way, by volunteering my time, heading a ministry that operates an orphanage and builds homes in central America. No pay. No accolades. Just the love of helping others.

Labels are always going to be here. Who cares about the reputation of your "generation"? What matters is how you define yourself! Sounds like you're on a path to make sure that the typical labels don't apply to you. Hats off to you. Spread it to others.


@[El C.I.D.]
I'm on the old side of what is technically considered a Millennial, and recently returned to college to finish my degree. It's been interesting. I've encountered more young Republican supporters than would be expected given media coverage of young adults and college campuses. It's quite diverse, and I've had a blast discussing political topics with classmates (and professors) of varying ideologies.

It's incredibly important to separate someone's viewpoints from the person. I may not agree with, or even respect, the things they believe in. However, I'm going to respect the person. This makes conversations possible that wouldn't be otherwise. I'm hoping to make use of a campus organization to help spread the cause of Dialogue. Hopefully it goes well!

Every generation seems to be blamed for the ills of the world by their predecessors. I grew up hearing about how bad Gen X was. Generalizations may be useful in some ways, but when you're talking to people, it's important to remember that they aren't statistics.

Join the club, Millennial. Each generation is maligned by "holier than thou" folks who claim to be a patriots/conservative, etc.. Mine - the baby boomers were flagrantly into pot, hard rock, LSD, free love, etc. and while some were garnering headlines - most of us took seriously our responsibilities, got education, built a family and became active building communities and bridges to help others. It is the burden of each generation to prove its values.