I am a lifelong member of the church of Christ (3-4 generations actually). We do not have a "creed" other than the Bible and no leadership affiliations outside our local group of believers. We are independent congregations led by Bible-believing elders selected by members for their life-experience and wisdom. Our preachers and ministers DO know the Bible and preach it every Sunday. Sometimes the independent nature of these organizations leads to some differences in the way the outside activities are handled (ie youth groups, fellowships, etc) but worship services are generally fairly consistent. I have never attended one where they didn't encourage members to study the Bible and serve others, and always expect the members to hold ministers and elders accountable to Biblical principles. Unfortunately, we are starting to lose some of our youth to large mega-churches that offer more entertainment. Really studying the Bible takes a lot more time and effort than simply showing up on Sunday to be entertained and, also unfortunately, results in these folks not really knowing if the leadership is leading them down a path away from Biblical principles. "Scriptural fidelity has been cast aside...." Yep - that's the problem, very simply stated.