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Ask yourself if you ever remember a time a MSM reporter used Republican talking points to phrase a question to a Democrat. Yeah I can't either.

REPORTER: “Leader McConnell —“
REPORTER: “What do you say to Sen. Schumer when he says that you guys are going to rue the day that you pass this bill — that the politics of passing long-term corporate tax cuts with short-term individual cuts is going to catch up to you guys?”
MCCONNELL: “Your job is to use the Democratic talking points, I understand that. Look, we believe that this product will do two extremely important things for the country. Number one, provide [middle-class with] tax relief and number two, provide business changes that make us more competitive. With regard to the termination dates, let me tell you what terminates this tax cut. The Democrats taking this, the Congress next November would turn this into a very short tax bill, so I think focusing on dates that may expire because of the need to fit the reconciliation rules miss the point. Every single Democrat voted for this. They’re all committed to repealing and raising taxes on the American people. That’s what’s at stake in the follow of 2018.”

The corporate tax cuts are permanent and the individual ones are temporary for a simple reason. They had to fit the reconciliation rules so both could not be permanent. Therefore, they know that the Democrats will not risk allowing the individual cuts to expire, but they would do that for the corporate tax cuts. So they made that one permanent and the other temporary. It is that simple. It is not a nefarious plot to stiff the people and benefit corporations (when still benefit people by hiring, lower costs of good, raises, etc.). As the part owner of a small corporation, we will use our increased profit to strengthen the business, provide additional job security by having more working capital and probably pass some back in overdue raises. Very little, if any, of it will make it back into the pockets of the owners. I would imagine that we are not alone.


@etbass you are right on.....I never thought of this point.....great point. BTW...is that “Earnest T”?.

McConnell is a smart politician and in one fail swoop he managed to destroy the democrats and at the same time their media lap dogs.

This is why people should vote for a third-party, not tird-fartie.