RAJU: “Do you think it’s going to be your legacy in the long run?”
CORKER: “Well, look, you know, it’s amazing how I was sort of a darling on the left three weeks ago and now the enemy of the left today. Look, it’s — when you’re in the middle of these big issues and have an impact on them — okay — that’s just a part of it. And, look, I — there’s no truth whatsoever to that. I mean, every person who’s been involved in this policy, the writing of this tax bill knows that. I haven’t affected a single word. As a matter of fact, my comments, as everyone knows, have been to say I think these pass-throughs all are getting too generous — the provisions have been too generous for them. Thank you.”

A senator who claims he was a "darling of the left" cannot lay claim to being a true republican.


Some people say we need to come together and stop the division. I say, the Dumocrats have moved so far to the left, have become so agenda-driven, and have such corrupt, self-serving tactics, that there is No Way any thinking person should want to "compromise" with them. If anything, the opposition needs to further distance itself from these proto-Communists. It is crystal clear that now we have folks that care about our country and its traditional values, and then we have the self-entitled power mongers of the Left, who pander to the "give-me" crowd to stay in govt..