Can you imagine Guthrie asking if Obama was living in a fantasy world while he went around "selling" Obamacare? Neither can I. And the media continues to wonder why we say there's a bias in reporting.

GUTHRIE: “Again, the biggest tax cut is for corporations. And the problem is, as a lot of CEOs have said, really candidly — I’m looking at a list of CEOs who said we don’t plan to reinvest. What they’re planning to do is do stock buybacks to line the pockets of shareholders. Let me quote Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire, hardly an enemy of business, he said, ‘CEOs aren’t waiting on a tax cut to jump-start the economy — a favorite phrase of politicians who have never run a company — or to hand out raises. It’s pure fantasy to think that the tax bill will lead to significantly higher wages and growth.’ I’ll ask you plainly, are you living in a fantasy world?”
RYAN: “I would compare that anecdote to just the surveys of businesses, like the National Association of Manufacturers surveys which show the vast majority of businesses are going to do just what we say, reinvest in their workers, reinvest in their factories, pay people more money, higher wages.”
GUTHRIE: “Let me pin you down on that though.”
RYAN: “The data is real clear, by the way. Workers benefit from this through higher wages. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of how much they benefit is really where this goes.”