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One are we even sure the adult and the child are even related? Child trafficking and the evils that stem from it are still a major problem. With children below 3 or so, don't separate them from nursing women (That is at least a potential sign, and they likely can better care fro them than a Gov't appointed guardian). But DNA test all illegals that invade our country with children against the children they arrive with, if they aren't even related and have no papers explaining why they have custody-- charge them with child trafficking.

EDIT: Here's an article that in part explains the charlie fox situation on the border regarding seizing custody of the kids.


Even beyond the sheer immorality of separating parents from children as a punishment, do we as a nation really want to set a precedent that allows other nations to do this to Americans traveling abroad?


Speaker Ryan is absolutely right in pushing for this bill that would end family separation at the border. There is no excuse for cruelty, or for punishing children for their parents' crimes by tearing them permanently apart from their beloved parents.

I'm a conservative, and it wouldn't "appease" me at all (as this article claims) to further reduce legal immigration. Immigration is a blessing to this country.

Instead, they should be raising the annual caps and correcting the inexcusable slowness of our system in processing applications for legal immigration. Any system that frequently takes 10-25 years to process a SINGLE APPLICATION is beyond ridiculous in its footdragging (not to mention, embarrassing!)...and itself encourages illegal immigration by those who cannot wait that long. They must correct the motivation for many people to illegally immigrate (the slowness and the caps) before they can ever hope to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country. Doing otherwise is just shooting your own self in the foot, and then complaining about how much trouble your foot is causing you.

Stricter punishments for illegal immigration won't fix the problem. These people are desperate to get into the United States, for their own survival or safety or ability to provide for their families; and it is impossible to punish that sort of desperation out of people. They will still behave like desperate people, only they will employ different means to do whatever it is that you don't want them to do. Rather, you have to fix whatever it is that is causing their desperation.

And trading the diversity visa lottery system for a merit-based system that discriminates in favor of would-be immigrants who really don't NEED what America can offer is wrong, because it is based on the inaccurate view that only well-educated, financially-stable immigrants can contribute to America.

Allow me to remind those who hold such a view that it was many of their own ancestors who hopped on ships to come to Ellis Island with no higher education, without even enough food to eat along the way, with no means of survival back home since their potato crops were all rotten - from Ireland during the Potato Famine in the 1840s, desperate to find some way to avoid starvation. Nearly a quarter of Ireland's population immigrated to America during a span of 10 years (the 1840s), to be followed by many more (totaling 4.2 million).

It was many of their own ancestors who were left jobless and impoverished by industrialization in Europe during the nineteenth century, who flooded here, by the millions, from the shores of England and Germany, in hopes that they could provide for themselves using the only trades they knew.

It was many of their own ancestors who were persecuted in Eastern Europe for being Jewish, who fled for refuge to the United States during the nineteenth century. The Russian government also had tried to forcibly convert many of them to Christianity, and actively starved others of their number to death - just for being Jews. They were poor, and just wanted a place where they could provide for themselves without being persecuted. It only grew worse for them in Europe once Hitler came to power, so even more Jews fled to the United States for safety. After the horrors of the Holocaust, when the war had ended, the United States welcomed 80,000 Jews who immigrated here.

There are so many other stories, like these, of a variety of nationalities, that could be told, of our own ancestors who immigrated here.

Such immigrants were only refused entry if they were deemed to be criminals, dangerous, or carried disease.

Many of these immigrants would have been barred entry by the merit-based system some Republicans currently support - because it would have assumed that YOUR FAMILY couldn't become productive, contributing members of American society, and would be a drag on the system because they had been unemployed in their home countries. Look how you turned out! You proved them completely wrong.

They're just as wrong today. They want you to believe that, in order to get "quality" immigrants, we must judge them more by their economic and educational status, rather than by the quality of their character. In other words, we must reject applicants based on snobbish criteria - we only want people who are more "upper crust" because they are more valuable to us. How very shallow of them, and how very reflective of the gold-plated, out-of-touch mentality of the Donald Trumps of the world who live in palaces and look down on hardworking people in other countries who are in need!

The only merit that should be required to qualify an individual is their need for our economic opportunities and/or our protection, their drive, and the absence of a felonious criminal record - because that is all most of our ancestors had, and we've turned out to be productive citizens. I won't support any Republican immigration merit-based-entry legislation that defines "merit" any other way.