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For what exactly? How about for electing a 3rd-world despot that would just as soon turn the entire planet into a giant sh!thole, so long as he can have his sh*thole name up in neon lights all over it.


@Dave -- We have military bases and strategic positions in many of those holes. There's a big difference over what you say at the bar with friends and the official position of the United States.

Trump's remarks weakened our country, pure and simple.

Samantha and Donald if they want to be taken seriosly by folks with more than half a brain will have to stop being pig ignorant filthy mouthed knuckle heads
? food for thought?

You only go to the gutter if you allow yourself to go there. Trump controls nothing over me, my thoughts, my convictions, nothing. I support him because he speaks the truth, something so many hate to hear these days. But he has done more good for this Country and thus the world in a year and a half than any President or World Leader has since I was born in 1959. If you can't see that it is because you hated Trump from the git go and cannot bring yourself to admit you are wrong.That is all, as you were Soldier.


Samantha Bee-itch is a foul-mouthed liberal twit unworthy of even wiping Ivanka's arse. She is typical mentally deranged liberal progressive and should be condemned by ALL thinking people.