How Much Evidence Do We Need on Roy Moore?

A Moore accuser has found more evidence that yes, he knew her. This is getting tiring.

I'd much rather be writing about Masterpiece Cakeshop and His Majesty Justice Kennedy today. I think in the scheme of things, that's the more important story. But we need to revisit, one more time, Roy Moore.

If you believe that all the evidence against Moore is fabricated, that these women never knew him, that the Washington Post and have engaged in an elaborate and meticulous fraud, then by all means, vote for Moore. And stop reading here. In fact, stop reading everything except Breitbart, Infowars and the National Enquirer. That's all the news you'll need from now on.

If you believe that there's something to the stories from 35-40 years ago with Roy Moore, but he's still "a good man" and therefore deserves your absolution and your vote, then by all means, vote for him. If you believe that Moore's denials are less than believable but his vote in the Senate is more important than his character, then vote for him.

But if you are still undecided on the evidence, or perplexed by Moore's flip-flops on his story, then this should put things in perspective for you.

Debbie Wesson Gibson is one of the women who told her story to the Washington Post about dating Roy Moore. Recently, Moore denied knowing or dating any of the women, after telling Sean Hannity that he did remember Gibson and Gloria Thacker Deason.

Gibson told WaPo that she was in her attic pulling down Christmas decorations last week and came across an old storage bin that contained a scrapbook from her senior year of high school, and found a graduation card from--guess who--Roy Moore. Now, before you go off into "how convenient" and all those conspiracy theories (if you're still reading), let me tell you this is a perfectly believable story.

My own wife goes into the attic around this time of year to haul out the Christmas decorations. She also has bins of old high school stuff up there. If she was so inclined (having been the subject of a national story might incline her), she could pull out yearbooks and other items from her senior year. This is perfectly believable and in context it makes sense.

What doesn't make sense is that Moore told Hannity he remembered Gibson and Deason and called each of them "a good girl." Gibson said she dated Moore when she was 17 and he was 34 and was proud of it until the other women's accounts came out.

Moore's denials sound more like a particular Arkansas native who was president in the 1990s.

At a Nov. 29 rally at a church in the south Alabama town of Theodore, Moore said, “Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women, did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone.”

Uh huh.

But the women said Moore knew them, Moore dated some of them, and Moore touched a 14 year-old inappropriately. Moore is the one who has changed his story. The women have not changed theirs. The evidence is mounting here.

“Happy graduation Debbie,” it read in slanted cursive handwriting. “I wanted to give you this card myself. I know that you’ll be a success in anything you do. Roy.”

How much evidence will it take before people start believing that something happened, and that Moore is fibbing or using sophistry to evade the truth?

It's no surprise that President Trump, and now the RNC have lent their support to Moore, after the RNC withdrew after the initial allegations. The election is in one week. Moore is losing ground again, though before today I'd have said he would still win.

I think this revelation calls Moore's truthfulness into further question by people who have given him the benefit of the doubt. But if he continues to change his story and vacillate, he will continue to lose more voters and supporters. It's a no-win situation for Roy Moore unless people in first three categories (those who believe in the big conspiracy, those who forgive Moore regardless, and those who think party politics is more important than individual candidates) all show up to vote and take the day.

But it's going to be very close, and Moore could lose. If Moore loses, those who backed him to the end have nobody to blame but themselves. The evidence has been mounting for a long time.

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IF Roy Moore could be convinced to SHUT UP and sit down until he feels like retiring, what you say would be the case.

The man is a 'Mouth of Doom' just like President Trump - and while the news cycle may move on from THIS scandal, they would be serve a nice fresh dish a little while later, when Moore reliably says something boneheadedly stupid about religion-and-politics, or whatever.


Sorry - not used to this setup... 1. He has NOT been in court, he has NOT been allowed to face his accusers (the pesky Constitution, remember?) 2. There are no charges against him that I know of - just tit for tat accusations & innuendos & blather from a media & a lawyer who are NOT after the truth, but the castration of another Republican, esp. Conservative. 3. Yes, I stand by my statement of 30-40 years ago being ridiculous to judge someone from! I was a long-haired, full-bearded back to the earther at that point with the only conservative spot would be that I was at least pro-life. I did and said a lot of stupid things of which I have paid for many times over. since, I have become a conservative Christian, family man, raised 5 kids and multiple other points of maturity. 4. ANY person, especially any MAN that says he didn't have similar experiences, growing pains, lack of maturity or whatever you want to call it, and doesn't regret it and definitely doesn't want it brought in their face is a bald-faced liar or a saint.


Steve, you are a good writer & thinker but you are conveniently forgetting several points with this argument:


@Steve Berman,


I do not believe the allegations against Moore. I support him and pray that the lies about him will not keep him from serving God in the Senate. So, the following is not offered in excuse of behaviors that I do not believe ever happened. The whole Moore situation made me reflect on the nature of sin, and our response to it:

Secular humanism does not have a mechanism for the forgiveness of sins. As long as we're just now hearing about it, that allegations are 40 years old doesn't matter. He still needs to be punished. Forget that someone might have his life completely turned around, and is no longer the same. No, secular humanism demands he still pay for his sins. There is no redemption in secular humanism. If Moore did not deny these allegations, and the accusations were true, secular humanism commands his crucifixion. But, the truth does not matter here. Only the seriousness of the allegations. Unfortunately, even though he denies them, and there is no evidence of his doing any of them other than the closely scripted press conferences that were not subject to cross-examination, secular humanists and Christians who think like secular humanists demand his crucifixion, and will throw parting aspersions at those of us who do not believe a man should lose his reputation or his chance at elective office on spurious allegations.