How Lit Is This Going To Get?

If the last week is any indication, the current political climate can only lead to violence.

I read a CNN opinion piece last night that made me both sad and angry. It was written by Kelley Paul, the wife of Senator Rand Paul pleading Senator Cory Booker directly to tone down his rhetoric. In it she talked about what life has been like for her and her family since the posting of their personal information by some leftist internet hero. Getting ready to sleep with a gun by her bed, she also recalled the actual celebration and laughter by some in the media about the violent attack on her husband by a neighbor. She wrote this and nothing will change.

On Monday, Navy veteran William Clyde Allen sent ricin to the Pentagon in envelopes destined for Defense Secretary James Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson. You might have missed it in the zeal to find out what a Devil's Triangle was, but there was an assassination attempt on two military leaders this week.

A Republican Representative, Andy Harris, was reportedly assaulted by protestors in his office on Tuesday. These protestors, who are freely roaming the Capitol, are wreaking havoc and harassing congressmen in their offices, hallways and elevators on the regular. Having heated debates and doing their best to intimidate they will even chase you down where you eat, like they did with Senator Cruz and his wife Heidi.

Because these protestors were seemingly successful in causing Senator Jeff Flake to crumble before the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Jeff Kavanaugh, Think Progress Editor, Ian Milhiser posited this question:

Where they sleep. Interesting turn of phrase. And another activist Jackson A. Cosko , who happened to work in the office of Representative Shelia Jackson-Lee, posted the personal details of three Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Ford/Kavanaugh testimony on Thursday. The home addresses of the Senators, where their families often live without them while they are in D.C.

And Academia is getting involved. Reportedly the University of Maine is offering free course credit to students willing to go the Washington D.C. and harass Senator Susan Collins. Extra credit if they get arrested.

And despite their commitment to "healthy conversation" Twitter allowed #KillKavanaugh to trend last week. Despite users calling this to the platforms attention, the hashtag remained in search for over 24 hours:

This is in an environment where:

  • A GOP candidate for the House, Rudy Peters, was attacked with a knife at an appearance
  • A Buffalo, NY man was arrested for making credible death threats against Representative Scalise and McMorris.
  • Arrests have also been made for violent threats against Representative Bob Goodlatte and Representative Thomas A. Garrett Jr.
  • An unnamed Congressman from Colorado has been instructed to wear body armor when he delivers speeches in his home district.
  • A Florida man was arrested for making credible death threats against an unnamed Senator
  • Majority Whip Steve Scalise was grievously injured when James T. Hodgkinson shot up a Republican baseball practice in an attempt to kill as many Republican members as possible.

And the violence and threats of violence are not limited to politicians. We have all seen the violence of Antifa at rallies and speeches from speakers on the right. And just yesterday a video went viral of a pro-choice activist roundhouse kicking a female pro-life demonstrator:

Despite this unprecedented environment (at least in my lifetime) Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell says the Republicans will not be intimidated. You may recall activists harassing his wife Elaine Chao in the driveway of their home.

He has scheduled the vote on cloture for the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh for Friday. His confirmation vote is on Saturday. Midterms are just over 30 days away. And not a single Democrat leader, not one, is making a call to end the violent threats and intimidation. In some cases, like Ian, they are actually fanning the flames.

I used to think the "Buy guns and ammo, they want to kill you" crowd was overly dramatic. Now, I am not so sure. In the current environment we are sitting on a powder keg and I am terribly afraid something awful is going to happen. It won't take much to light the fuse and there are too many people stacking the kindling.

No. 1-1

The Democrats and their henchmen are setting themselves up to face serious push back. I don't want the violent kind, but it is bound to happen. They have responded to pleas to stop, but only increased, so, it is becoming more inevitable, and justified when the push back happens.